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  1. Cpu and gpu is the only things worth watercooling. For ssds, if you’re that worried about it, just buy a heatsink for it.

  2. I actually just got done watching some 101 YouTube videos. I will look into a heatsink. Also, I think I may have my fans set in the wrong direction with AOI.

  3. I am going to whole heartily agree with this. Also, it creates million dollar cheaters.

  4. I stuff my face, almost quicker than I can chew. I have found in certain instances, chopsticks help me manage my pig trough style of consuming my meals.

  5. Like I said you hate him for his personal life that's fine no issue there im not a fan either. But Testosterone does not teach his skillset. Many champions of all sports have been on the juice it sucks but that's the way it is. Chances are most of his opponents were on TRT as well. Whether you love him or hate him or despise his integrity is meaningless in a discussion about his skillset and abilities. The OSP fight was last minute change due to an opponent pulling out so the gameplan had to be drastically altered last second, which is a big deal for a team like Jackson Wink so they fought a low event low risk fight, a tactic many Jackson Wink fighters have used if you look at their history. So again not arguing that he's a great guy but just because you don't like him, his in cage work is a seperate conversation from personal life


  7. Maybe Jeff Novitsky would have that close of knowledge but he didn't out any fighters like that can't think of who else it would be

  8. Lol. During my school years the girls gave head to the boys during the sex ed videos. It was usually a competition to see who could get who off quicker.

  9. Is that last text a stroke?? It is unprofessional. Worst that old boss can do is say your not rehirable. However, now there is no way to put that on a refreshed resume, so if the new job doesn't pan out, they now have a lapse in work history. That can cost you a decent job.

  10. Assuming this island has food in the form of fish and fruits. All I would need is a change of clothes that were water proof and warm. Until I build that shelter and create tools from shells, bones, stones and wood, I would need to stay warm or cool for at 18hrs. After that I should be able to hunt/fish and make a fire. I can shelter both the fire and myself after I makeshift the tools.

  11. The US government cared about the people and didn't ever lie and conspiracy theorists were idiots.

  12. I loved that fight. These two warriors went at it. Glover had that fight but made a mistake that ended it because of exhaustion. Imo. Such a good fight.

  13. The meat market only goes to 27. After that they are bringing addiction, kids, work, and debt into the relationships.

  14. You'd have to clear out the fighters too. Lol, they are weapons in their own rights!

  15. You know work... like clean, set up, do the actual job I am being paid for.. yes I was working before cell phones. My phone isn't on my person at work either now. Cause.... you know. I'm working.

  16. We remember his streak. And we are watching his current streak. Problem is, it's a losing streak.

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