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  1. I'm beginning to think that I should just never use "ICYMI" ever...

  2. I think you're just misunderstanding the context of when to use it. To me, ICYMI is more if something happens "under the radar" and hasn't really been reported on or mentioned in the (let's say) 2 days after it happens. For example, when you post shots/highlights from tournaments off the beaten path.

  3. Well, only good news is that the roughing call gives us free full-length shots once we go shorthanded.

  4. While I got you all here, fuck Buffalo and that doughy ass 'we put sugar in the sauce to cut the acidity' pizza you got.

  5. Respect for the fact you've chosen a rarer Buffalo food take here, and not gone for the cheap heat with "Ranch > Blue Cheese"

  6. I know it's not the exact same (for example the styles of the e and x are different), but it seems like the font choice was inspired by the design for the

  7. Pictures of Eric Staal over Skinner's right shoulder and Jordan Staal over Skinner's left shoulder, both when they were captains of the Canes. Literally "Between Two Staals". Not to mention the Swedish-related ones behind Dahlin. The little background jokes continue to be my favorite part.

  8. One of them was Dolph Lungdren from Rocky IV.... the others looked like wrestlers but couldn't figure out who

  9. The others were ABBA actually (or at least I'm pretty sure).

  10. I think early morning classes were canceled in 2011. I can probably find that email in my inbox

  11. And yet somehow, this team Canada will always be better than the Maple Leafs.

  12. I know they're pre-scheduled, but I hope that Fox takes pity on the Canadian manager and doesn't do an in-game interview with him. "So....uh, what are you doing with the extra hour or two you've gained by probably being mercy ruled?"

  13. Disregard. Didn't realize TSN was replaying yesterday's game. NO should have conceeded earlier.

  14. I believe they have to play at least 8 ends according to the rules (in order to guarantee TSN has enough curling to fill the time slot), so they conceded as early as possible. Note that not a single match so far in the Brier (including ones that are much more one-sided than NO/MB) has played fewer than 8 ends.

  15. "Chicken Nugget Dreamland" seems like the silliest goal song.

  16. Intermission fun fact! Both the Bills and the Sabres have had a man named "Dane Jackson" play for the team.

  17. I was about to find another one just to make a joke, but it turns out there's only been 2 Jacks ever to play for the Sabres, so that is a true statement.


  19. It’s funny that you mentioned the 2 and 3 seed from the metro but not the 1, who we have a decent shot of facing

  20. As someone who lives in the middle of the Canes fanbase, I look forward to losing all my friends should that series happen.

  21. I've never heard the phrase "...and the crowd activates." before, and I never want to again.

  22. Makes it sound like the crowd is a packet of yeast

  23. In fairness, we collectively drink enough Blue Lights that we probably contain a lot of yeast.

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