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  1. Among potentially causing many health issues, veganism can put men at risk for erectile dysfunction so no, they don’t make better lovers in that regard

  2. i learned about peta when a “peta kills animals” post showed up on my twitter feed years ago. ive been against them ever since

  3. But I wanna know how they get the little things in em

  4. there are so many underage kids on ig and when i go to report the acc it’s a whole-ass process and not just a few taps

  5. your best bet is to report the number to your authorities, ignore the message, and block the number

  6. I have reported it thank you 🙏

  7. honestly? i don’t see anyone using the chat function in scrabble so imo this is surprising

  8. Yeah, it's always wierd when they do. It's happened twice now and the first time, the guy kept asking for where I was from

  9. it’s only happened once to me, but it was just the basic “hello how are you.” i didn’t like that so I turned off chat

  10. this makes me so pissed off. transgender is not a fucking disease. i wish that people were more accepting of us lgbtqia+ individuals (im an aroace). don’t listen to the haters. be who you want to be. you are valid just the way you are.

  11. i always try to aim for the oranges and reds as theyre the most landed on

  12. As a kid I didn't know what voice acting is so I just assumed that the animators just draw the pictures and the sound "just appears".

  13. In Japan they say Goho. In French it’s Van Gog.

  14. baby einstein was the SHIT!!! i loved when the dragon puppet went “BLEHHH!” in the baby mozart episode

  15. to my knowledge, no. Rodney Greenblat has posted some of the other Takara merchandise ads tho. really hoping there’s one for soft talking parappa out there

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