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  1. If you ever figure out the answer, OP, you could make millions holding seminars for this in the Midwest

  2. How is it stinky and unscented at the same time?

  3. The unscented version is if you don't want to pay extra for the full 4D Smellovision experience

  4. This young man needed to scrounge together 1.9K likes on YouTube in order to afford a biopsy to tell him he doesn't have skin cancer. Our healthcare system is so broken.

  5. I bet a visit from ol’ Andrew Jackson would resolve that drama pretty quickly…

  6. This and Ryan's "I could clear out my desk in five seconds and nobody would know I was ever here" quote come to mind about once a week for me

  7. I feel this, especially the part about not even having the "crazy/interesting" form of ADHD. At least then you'd have fun stories to tell; meanwhile, you experience and learn nothing doomscrolling through reddit for hours on end.

  8. But is it, though? That’s what we’re trying to find out.

  9. It is jarring how fast the past seven years went by. These two should’ve won a ring together.

  10. I was too young for Emmitt, so Zeke is the best RB I've ever seen play live for this team. I understand that the writing had been on the wall for a little while now, but this still sucks to see.

  11. This is a blessed image. Cuban needs to add it to the ceiling of the AAC like the Sistine Chapel

  12. Salary and health insurance are one thing, but I value the truly important benefits like harsh fluorescent lighting, coffee-stained beanbag chairs, and the air hockey table that I'll be reprimanded for using

  13. Flipping through the dictionary, especially if you can get it in one shot

  14. You worked so hard for only 20 upvotes, I made a crappy one with a generator, just typed words and attached a photo and got 350 upvotes 💀

  15. "Murr, take that pot of coffee and pour it on Kyler Murray's Xbox"

  16. I think the Sandman would have been a good choice for this when he was still alive. I would often see him making his designs on the medians on Pellicano right by Americas and it was like seeing a mythical figure each time lol

  17. I’ve never seen this! How long ago was he around?

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