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  1. I had never noticed it when I was on iOS 6, but I do remember when iOS 7 came out, and this “issue” was fixed, there were some articles write about how

  2. I can somewhat understand a “lesser of two evils” argument. My problem is seeming to follow a demonstrable pathological liar as zealously as they do their religious convictions. Or even more so.

  3. Man I am the son of a preacher that has gone to church my whole life and I could not agree with you more

  4. I’m glad it isn’t just me.

  5. I am the source. I’m her grandmother. That’s me as a young girl.

  6. Good story. Reminds me of the time Abraham Lincoln advised not believing random stuff on the Internet.

  7. Came here to suggest the same. She certainly resembles TSwift. Maybe a relative?

  8. Lots of these weird placements in iOS 16. It’s a mess lol

  9. I’ve heard of IOS devs (Apple employees) who are still running 15.7.1 on their personal devices because they know 16 is so far a train wreck.

  10. Just wait until you try to use the head unit. The best tech available from year 2001.

  11. This is a decided shortcoming going back at least to the ‘19 model year. Voice recognition is entirely unusable and the head unit doesn’t sync with device (iPhone) contacts. I drove a ‘14 Kia that was basic but leaps and bounds ahead of Honda in this department.

  12. The lower trim levels aren’t CarPlay equipped.

  13. Bold of him to suggest that he’s a musician.

  14. I’m not defending the man, and maybe his music isn’t your taste, but he’s undeniably one of the most influential musicians of the past 20 years.

  15. One can’t always account for tastes. He’s certainly earned a lot of money from people that appreciate his work.

  16. The people circulating this kind of thing probably vote and even hold public office.

  17. Nothing to see here. Still a dumpster fire 🔥.

  18. And inevitably you’ll find them plugged into the battery side of a UPS.

  19. Follow up ticket for My Computer keeps crashing is the one titled This stupid box thing under my desk is beeping again.

  20. There is hope & help from others available — if you need it please call 911.

  21. Either they are in fact VLANed, or you have client isolation turned on for one or both networks

  22. Yep. Try to ping the printer’s address from a device connected to the other SSID. See if there’s a route or it times out.

  23. The mental images of talking to a fence post or beating one’s head against a brick wall come to mind. You can’t fix stupid.

  24. Best be careful bare-handing the innards of a CRT. May well have some charged capacitors that can give you a nasty shock.

  25. Spider unexpectedly dropped down in front of the driver. 100%.

  26. Some amount of patience with features that may or may not work as intended, distributed haphazardly between two user interfaces.

  27. The word “broken” comes to mind.

  28. Would be interested in knowing how many iOS devs (Apple employees) are still running 15.7.1 on their personal devices because they don’t want the dumpster fire that is 16 in its present form.

  29. You’re setting a dangerous and annoying precedent. Let it go or you’ll be doing maintenance on it every holiday.

  30. “I just like that story.” Burgess Meredith

  31. I don’t know your fueling habits, obviously. But if you’re the type that regularly fills up and then “tops off” the tank, gasoline will eventually get into the charcoal filter and trigger an evap or emissions system CEL. Not unique to Ridgeline.

  32. Running low on both water and system resources it seems.

  33. “I’ve no idea how to reboot Windows!” But it’s the computer’s problem, obviously.

  34. You had 14tb of data on a system that didn't have a battery backup with directed shutdown?

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