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  1. I honestly think there's strong reason for optimism on this front. Machines have no consciousness, they don't actually understand any of the textual symbols they're manipulating. You can plug huger and huger amounts of text into the machine. You feed pictures into that say "This is an X" but until you can create a genuinely conscious machine (and I think even most AI researchers will admit we are nowhere near that, it might not even be metaphysically possible) it will not understand things that even a human five-year-old knows automatically. What does ice cream taste like? What is it like to be angry? What is causation? What is motion? What does it mean for time to pass? Why are certain things funny?

  2. While I agree with this greatly. The actual problem isn't AI getting almost good but being a little "off." It's that if you spend any amount of time reading any Web Fiction... you come to realize very quickly that millions of HUMANS are reading (or more accurately "consuming") absolutely dog shit, amateur, cliche, copy paste, typo filled, creatively lacking garbage. And as very real revenue models have spun up around treating "writing" like all other easily produced, assembly line, low quality "user created" content... the second AI can write like an average WebFiction writer... that shit is going to become a bigger and bigger slice of the pie.

  3. I’d say since the killing of Michael Hastings real journalism has been dead.

  4. I'd say that the age of information put real journalism on the endangered list by cutting out the legs of it's business model. The age of social media put it on life support with sheer volume of media confusion created. And the age of content has officially killed it as "nameless" brand collection parent companies like Valent and Future pump out anything that can be published under the guise of news or info with a clickable headline/ title/ image that is easily generated for $15 paid to a 20year old with no expertise, perspective, or knowledge on there subject being put on display and who just copy/pastes or barfs up some hot take or simpleton idea, and then organically marketing is (aka posting it to targeted social media and along with totally real reposts and comments to pump the algorithms, all while printing money with their actual business model... a target advertising sales company.

  5. Imagine swooping into what about in favor of a literal tabloid.

  6. And.. so it was a quote from what she said on a talk show when asked about it. And there is no other point to it

  7. They would be dead or badly injured too. Mountain Lions are no joke and since Californians decided they don’t want to do any population control on them this will become more common. Just wait till it’s somebody’s kid…

  8. CA has the second most registered firearms in the county. But I guess you’d need to not be ignorant to realize that.

  9. I love how the dog owner called the cat "sick," as if there was something wrong with it. No, lady, the thing was hungry and desperate. It was put down because it was bold, able, and opportunistic, which about as far from sick as you can get for a wild animal.

  10. I love how the person who was there and witnessed the incident has less of an idea what their talking about than a rando on social media.

  11. It’s so bizarre too since I think he’s a good actor, but he got replaced by a better (and better-known) actor. When does that ever happen?

  12. Yeah that’s what seems odd. You would think a more well known actor would be paid more than whatever they offered Howard. Wonder what happened there if it was one of those “We don’t want you again but we don’t want to fire you so we’ll offer something insulting” or if it was an “Oh shit, he actually walked! Fix it fast!” situation.

  13. When the first film blows up and the entire industry says, "oh shit... Marvel is legit now."

  14. AI can't be worse than 95% of what's posted on WebNovel or Wattpad.

  15. There are different types of test screenings. And yes a large audience is normal.

  16. The call is coming... from inside the house!

  17. I'm Gen X so I grew up during a time when low-key child endangerment was the norm. But this is too far even by Gen X standards.

  18. Imagine showing this to someone in 1903.

  19. A wholesome, optimistic, uplifting Superman movie as a foundation would have been good.

  20. I actually enjoyed the tone of Man of Steel, the way but in hindsight, it sure would have been nice if the film hadn’t ended with a 9/11 2.0 mood. It should have had a much more optimistic and hopeful turn. Especially since that’s literally the logical character arc.

  21. Pay Kevin Fiege 100million dollars to switch teams.

  22. I used to give Friday Safety Briefings in my unit while stationed in Korea. A part of it was always, “Korea counts age different than the states. If a girl/boy says they are 18, they almost certainly aren’t.”

  23. Just think of all the true love you prevented!

  24. Well, obviously we have a killer in LA. He's climbin' in yo windows, he's snatchin' yo chihuahuas up, tryin' to eat 'em. So y'all need to hide yo cats, hide yo dogs, and hide yo husband cause P-22 eatin' err'body out here.

  25. The culture in the gulf states is just so bizarre from the outside looking in. I understand they have more money than god, but as a society they seemingly are built on family money, which was largely “new wealth” from just a couple generations prior, and as a result they don’t seem to have much of any culture of work hard, build something, make something of yourself, etc… and certainly no culture of work multiple jobs just to scrape by and provide for your kids. Which leads to needing a massively disproportionate population of workers from outside their own culture. Which mean importing labor from other places. And again for some reason, even with all the money in the world, they still prescribe to an archaic master/sub-human dynamic with said workers.

  26. Variety and Deadline are both owned by Penske Media Corporation.

  27. I hope people start taking them with a grain of salt instead of just saying it's reputable and all that. Deadline was hyping the shit out of Black Adam before it's release. Now it's doing all kinds of gymnastics to prove it's profitable. There's a pattern. If it had anybody else other than The Rock there would've been zero fucks given.

  28. yeah i get it she is a croissant ,a little golden tan on the outside and full of air on the inside

  29. Wait... Until I read the comments I had assumed she was the wonder bread woman defending her position. She's supposed to be the croissant!?

  30. Yeah. Didn’t you know Croissants pronounce their own highbrow fancy name as Crahsant.

  31. This is a nothing article, is that even an optical illusion?

  32. Not sure about those others but for The Fabelmans that's what happens when you don't advertise and release boring tailers that don't at all represent the movie.

  33. Fabelman's is not the type of film that is easily marketed to broad audience. It requires critical reception and good word of mouth WAY more than a standard wide release film in the contemporary marketplace.

  34. Fair point..the data is obscure but I'd guess PVOD numbers as a ratio of overall Home entertainment sales must've taken a nosedive since restrictions have more or less ended in the US specially for movies which haven't been well received. And this is a DC movie which has a largely younger skewing spoiler averse fanbase who would usually pay to watch it theatrically than at home.

  35. $ give you context, The Rock's own Hobbs and Shaw was sold for the same amount and it made $760m.

  36. The $86million line item, to give some more context, includes PVOD (a revenue stream which has exploded year over year since Covid hit) + SVOD (HBOMax, and others in various or International markets) + VOD estimates (standard digital rentals like iTunes, Amazon, etc...) + all other Home Entertainment estimates (digital sales, physical disc sales, etc...). We also have no idea what the term is on the the SVOD deals. Let's say HBOmax paid $50mil for streaming rights... is that an over pay if they control the rights for five years? Ten years?

  37. then tage prob still wouldn’t get a chance like he got in buffalo. but yeah i’m with you i’d rather have rage rn. hind sight always 20/20

  38. Imagine the world where we don't do that trade.

  39. The other headline they thought of running but decided it was too subtle, “Clickty clackity click me, click me! I need your clicks. I need them so bad. Yeah, your clicks feel so good. Yeah, baby, let me rub my content all over you while you cover me in ad revenue.”

  40. The irony of chanting liberty while suppressing same is entirely lost on these slow blinkers.

  41. The irony: They covering their faces while they practicing the constitutional rights, and a year and a half ago they were claiming they were being oppressed for... covering their faces to carry out the patriotic duty of not killing fellow Americans.

  42. I love the thought that Drag Story Time is just an FBI operation to draw out the real fucktards and make identifying and tracking them easier.

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