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  1. It's at this point that I want to say they didn't love you, it was all just a mask and facade that they put up to look good because they don't know what love is and only know how to 'look good' in public/on paper. But then I think that's really hard to face - so if it's too hard to face just ignore this comment.

  2. Why don’t these people ever get someone to proof read their BS?!

  3. Because they are having a tantrum when they write it

  4. That wouldn't be ruining their experience (if they are inclined to look up builds), it'd be ruining your experience.

  5. I'd say you're treating it like he has a big ego when really he has the opposite - he has a very fragile personal identity and lives in delusions to sustain the identity he has.

  6. That appears to be a wolverine next to a cracked out koala and an echidna with some kind of advanced bone disease.

  7. Normally you don't see them after they've dropped

  8. Well, he consistently does these things - so it's clear you can't have help and him not doing these things.

  9. I would suspect people who do that also have a high correlation with having pathological insecurities/pathological need for control and aren't the bulk of the population (though still a fair percent of the population). The way forums are made they are kind of like foxes raiding a fenceless hen house. I'm not sure why we have fenceless forums but are surprised each time the foxes come.

  10. Maybe he can only see himself through security cameras

  11. Where did you get the impression that i meant being fair forces others to do the same?

  12. It was from making a charitable reading, as I wouldn't think you'd treat it that there are no other people with levels of unfairness and corruption around the unfair person in question.

  13. Not sure I get it tbh. What I meant was humans have a survival instinct and if good people get fucked over enough they will become more selfish themselves. That is why people should assume the best at first and not go fucking innocent people over just because thats how you get ahead.

  14. I'm saying you can be fair and still have a bad things happen to, for example, your family. Being fair is, by itself, not going to protect your family in some way. The sociopath isn't just poisoning the well, the well is somewhat poisoned before they even got there. So: Being utterly fair in an unfair society would be an active detriment.

  15. I hope the locked door mechanic could be used fairly often, maybe with a freeze gun that slows the monster briefly (but only has an effect once or twice), because it'd be hard to always time that door close properly.

  16. It's not legally enforceable. But in the spirit of the thing, you're in the wrong. But I think most reasonable people would see the disability pass and decide it's okay. She sounds like a person who is always on the edge of a tantrum and you were an excuse for her to have one.

  17. It's a common misconception. Narcissists don't love themselves (that would actually be egomania, not NPD), they actually loathe their true selves, but they cope with that loathing by going into denial and creating a false self that's the childishly idealised, "perfect" opposite of everything they hate about themselves, and they then fall in love with that. (Remember, Narcissus fell in love with his mirror image, not himself!)

  18. It's strange - I'm not sure I'd say they loathe themselves, but having no empathy for how they are and the mortal imperfections that come with that, they certainly utterly reject this core part of themselves because they can't embrace a mortally flawed thing, even as its central to them. I wonder if it's similar to congenital pain insensitivity, but instead of the person not taking care of themselves because they feel no pain with narcissism they don't take care of themselves because they have no empathy for themselves (the way they dress themselves up is some sort of pursuit of a societal ideal and not really looking after themselves, I'd say).

  19. One of those things where I wonder if the author has some deep, deep meaning to it all or whether he just never thought of it.

  20. IMO many people tend to have just world fallacies - they want to stay in a happy place and the idea of psychopathic parents is really counter to that. You don't just have to provide evidence, you literally have to break their world view to get through. Usually that doesn't happen.

  21. Are you familiar with the idea that someone can like you just because of who you are, rather than liking you for what you give to them?

  22. I'd guess he is falling a micro amount of distance, then it detects the ladder and makes him sit on top of it, then he falls the micro distance...and that's the source of the statico fall sound and animation.

  23. Clarify with your supervisor what this guy is supposed to be doing for you. If your supe says ‘isn’t he doing these things?’ it’s your opportunity to say no.

  24. I think with all the other stuff, the third person reference is passive aggressive. The art of passive aggressiveness is to do things that are plausibly deniable in terms of passive aggressiveness. When someone does a lot of these things...I don't think it's deniable anymore.

  25. Okay, hugs, and this says something about him, it doesn't say anything about you.

  26. Very smooth transition pixel art - you made this or commissioned this?

  27. I would tell out what type of grub eats eggs on a train

  28. "I've had enough of these MFing eggs on this MFing train"

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