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  1. This can happen even to Spanish native speakers. I (from Spain) had a girlfriend (from Ecuador) and sometimes we stood at each other like "wtf are you talking about". It was pretty fun hahahahaha

  2. She had to have been from Guayaquil, Quiteño is quite intelligible.

  3. Even if it can accelerate evaporation, you're not going to be melting buildings with the power output of an orbital solar array.

  4. The old approach was chemically fueled lasers. That’s old tech, I’ve never actually looked into what is currently in vogue as the the power source for high powered space lasers.

  5. Important to mention that CISSP and CISA require you to already have 5 years of cyber experience before you can be certified. Passing the exam and saying you have these without the experience certification is a great way to lose your offer and be banned from ever holding either one.

  6. they keep records of transactions yes, but I am 95% sure it's not normal protocol for corporations to keep entire credit card information (including security code) of their users after they've specifically deleted it. Probably breaks some credit card protection clause or two.. plus, that's just bad OPSEC. What they can do and should do is track you down through your public information and send you a debt collection. Now it's a question of whether they want to spend money and time doing that or not.

  7. I don’t know about this specific example, but I worked in the credit card industry and one thing that’s very common now days is that companies, even mom and pop, can just maintain tokens of the cards and use those for transactions, the big processing houses keep the cards and CVV on their back end. It’s actually pretty cool, even reuses the last four of the card number for lookup and reuses tokens across merchants, here some info, this company is huge too, I worked in #3 in the flow:

  8. This is a method of warfare I'm actually really well versed in. Nation state actors are known as APTs (advanced persistent threats) the neat thing is it's pretty easy to get a good idea of where they are from because of the tools they use and the specific methodology they use. That and even the best red team screws up sometimes so the more attacks we see the better we can pinpoint the APT.

  9. Instead of giving them cool names like “fancy bear” we should retaliate by naming them “turd licking nazis”, etc.

  10. I lived in Ecuador for a year, they are very politically active and have strong, grassroots, street demonstrations. I was there when Lucio Gutierrez was kicked out of office, lots of street protests. Wild time for a foreigner not accustomed to that.

  11. As someone from Denver I can confirm this is what all our hottest women look like.

  12. As someone whose also from Denver I find it suspect that there’s a street called Federal in North Dakota also where this was spotted… I find it more likely that this is stolen content and that this was taken on Federal in Denver…

  13. Look awesome man, what a great pair to have in a collection!

  14. Thanks man. I dig them. Nothing fancy but a good pair of work jeans.

  15. I just had my parts guy order them. States like LA and NM come without the plate bracket and the trim pieces instead. I did it to my sq5.

  16. I had a 94 Saturn that happened to. Found out that there was a gang with copies of GM's keys just boosting GM cars (of which Saturn was a GM brand so they had the 6 or 7 keys used for Saturns) left and right. They grabbed my car, got 10 miles before it ran out of gas, and ditched it in an apartment complex's lot. Cops never found it, learned it was towed when the tow company called me for money.

  17. Does that mean the tow company was in possession of stolen property? How does this scenario play out in theory or for you in real life?

  18. So THIS is what my Corgi is trying to make as he chases after every female golden retriever in town...

  19. If any of your puppers is successful and you need to home a goldie corgi puppy I would be happy to home one. 😁

  20. I was worried about this all through my wife's pregnancy, especially seeing friends with newborns continuing to struggle through the pandemic. I'm so happy that my daughter was born safely yesterday, and 6 months from now can get her (first) covid vaccine. It's a huge relief for us three.

  21. I have a seven month old and we’ll be first in line.

  22. Nice! Those are LVC but not STF, right? 501's are so confusing with their dozens of different versions.

  23. I don’t remember, I think you’re right not STF. they’re supposed to have a narrower leg and z has a zipper.

  24. I don't blame you! They're practically a museum piece at this stage. I wear my Cone Mills 501s all the time though.

  25. I should start trolling eBay for the white oak deadstock again.

  26. You absolutely should! In my opinion, Levi's 501 Cone Mills is the pinnacle of jeans. Haha

  27. To be honest I’ve never done a pair of STF and I’m worried the ones I have aren’t sized right.

  28. Nope. I got 13PM for 5G, I’m set for a while I would think. At this point the only thing I want is a portable speaker with H1, don’t care what brand. The range is just killer on my beats headphones with H1.

  29. Good stuff. They have other flavors and spice levels in stores in Texas and maybe surrounding states. I always get the ones I haven’t tried.

  30. Make that Russian Jet sunny side up.

  31. They need to move away from the goofy designs though. Most EVs and hybrids are so unappealing.

  32. Some comments I’ve read recently claim that they do this on purpose (goofy designs). It was on a thread about the Chevy Jolt.

  33. Came here to say this. I started my career in a datacenter in 2006 and when I started they were decommissioning all this token gear, dump carts full of hermaphroditic IBM cables. I’d never seen it IRL before then.

  34. I knew the iodine and starch piece, it’s also used in biology classes to demonstrate a semipermeable membrane, but I didn’t know this level of detail. I came this deep to see if someone posted my basic level of knowledge and found a much deeper wealth, thanks

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