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  1. Most definitely, I stay in solano county. Let me buy you a drink and say hi ;)

  2. How accurate is the information on your site? I was looking at the markers in my hometown and upon research none of it was true

  3. I was reading a ghost marker and I researched the story and that never happened at all

  4. I've been using one of these at my job and it works great, leaves great hash at the bottom too

  5. Lol puts some gloves on and crack that gray nug open and see the prize inside

  6. Hey this maybe helpful,, If the fungi emerges from the medium branching and fruit, ie produced mold, or any other form of fungus fruit this is called Mycellium.

  7. Ok this is why mold originally concerns me, tomorrow morning its spray spray time with hydro peroxide

  8. You need to control the environment to make it hostile to fungal surface growth, raise temps, dial back frequency of watering, introduce bacterial inoculation, and only water when the plant needs it,

  9. They just sprouted through their medium this morning and they're in their plastic dome. As I had mentioned before, these babies haven't been watered or fed yet. The only time this medium has recieved watering was when I first soaked it and planted the seeds this past Saturday

  10. I switched to this soil because of the mold issues with my Fox Farm supply. Also I felt bugs were present. Not going back.

  11. If thats how you feel stay away from soil king's stuff, the one time I changed my medium to using big rootz by soil king I happened to have root aphids and soil gnats that were unmanageable

  12. I dust leaves with it during bug outbreaks. Top dress for prevention.

  13. Wouldn't it be more effective to apply something to the bottom sides of the leaves since that's where most aphids like to sit?

  14. You need microbes in your soil to break down the organic material into a chemical form that plants are able to uptake. Here’s the truth, Whether organic or inorganic plants literally don’t care, they uptake chemical ions, elements in their most basic form. The benefits or organic are more ideological than scientific. As a new grower, use inorganics.

  15. So is the issue with OPs grow too much nitrogen uptake and root burn?

  16. How does carbohydrates kill bugs?

  17. I was reading in another growing subreddit that the bugs can't metabolise sugar in that form and that it will destroy their stomach before they can cause damage to the plants. I haven't used this method so I can't say how effective it is

  18. I've grown for many years outdoors in the foothills of CA. BT sprayed weekly is all you need to control any kind of butterfly or moth larvae. Guaranteed.

  19. How often did you apply BT and was it safe to use during flower?

  20. it's 100% safe in flower, I'd recommend a bud wash at harvest. I'll never go back to not washing at harvest.

  21. I have used BT myself in the past but stopped when flower starts(of course those fuckers only show up during flower) so I still saw problems, I ended up getting a greenhouse to combat that issue and to avoid ash during fire seasons. Is it me or do you think doing the hydrogen peroxide wash tampers with the terpenes and consistency of the bud?

  22. All the white hairs makes me want to run it a little longer and let the bud mature more. Your leaves dying is just nutrient depletion thats being uptake to the buds which is completely(especially if theres no signs of bud rot). Every female plant will at least get 1 seed in itself in efforts to propagate and keep its generation going

  23. I appreciate you ! Can this be done anytime if the day ? Or night only ?

  24. Rule of thumb with applying any IPM my friend is to always do it with no lights my friend, I can't stress that enough. Outdoor I do it after sundown or light applications before sunrise, ideally night is better so that your IPM is more effective for the chemical composition will breakdown with sunlight and potential damage to your plants

  25. Start searching the rest of the buds for caterpillar worms, was your plant outside?

  26. Caterpillars are such pieces of shit. I can't believe I wasted so much time as a kid putting grass, sticks and leaves in jelly jars in an attempt to make them happy.

  27. Seriously, they're little terrorists. When im inside my home and I see a white butterfly floating by the window turn into Rambo. Get a greenhouse my friend, you won't stress about worms anymore

  28. Each plant can be different. This one may need more than others, I’ve encountered that myself. Leafs looking just like that.

  29. I agree with this. Just try upping how ever many PPMs just a bit with more cal mag and aim for a 6.5pH. If all else maybe try flushing and the supplement back with cal mag and proper pH

  30. I'm confused on the pettiness... are you doing this because they didn't leave you 20%?

  31. Flushing i find necessary if you've been feeding salt based liquid nutrients consistently throughout its life. Have you ever thought about people who put plants in ground and only feed compost teas? I guarantee you any grower who does in-ground doesn't flush. I myself though do like to do the ice flush method the last week before I chop. The cold temps trigger the root zone into thinking the plant is about to endure winter. You'll get color change, buds will tighten up a little bit from this too.

  32. This is the work of either caterpillar worms or leaf hoppers, use BT or neem now before flowering starts and get those fuckers gone! Do you have white butterflies fluttering around your yard?

  33. Says it will hold 100 lbs so should be fine but this was a big investment for me and saved up to treat myself. Probably overthinking it. I tend to do that! Lol

  34. I've had plants do this once in a while. Alot of people say that its heat stress but I find that to be true if the leaves are folding/canoeing like a hot dog bun, this isn't the case here. If anything my best educated guess is that there's something going on with the root system, whens the last time you saw the leaves on this plant rest normally?

  35. Well I bet in two days I can crunch those dried out leaves and turn them into dust. Time will tell who is right. You are right about the canoeing but this is an extreme case ive been in this situation many time over my growing years and I know his fert is way to hot he has tip burn and might even be toxic with the lower leave the way they are cupping down but i dont see no pest issues. He will figure it out this is hiw you become a master gardener trial and error. Good luck OP you have all the info you need to correct the issue. Peace out and grow green.

  36. I didn't notice the burnt leaf tips before until you just mentioned it... ok... so it now seems that it isn't heat stress or outstanding conditions for good VPD, its nutrient burn and the root zone is burning too. Um yeah OP have you ever checked your soils pH? If you act quick some flushing might be able to help you out with this issue and feeding microbes after

  37. Lollipopping is a technique for INDOOR growing only. You just cut your yield significantly by doing it on your outdoor plants. Sunlight is a lot different than artificial lights.

  38. This man right here schools. He couldn't be more right, lollipopping is intended for setting an even canopy for indoor gardens, with outdoor you should just stress and bend the stocks to expose those lower nodes to the sunlight

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