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  1. I used ecomovers when I moved from Phinney to Maple Leaf last year, they were awesome and super professional. They're a bit on the spendy side but absolutely worth it compared to other movers I have used.

  2. There was an issue with my parcel being incorrectly filed when I bought my house, the King County assessor's office was super helpful and was able to fix the whole issue in a day or so, so I'd recommend reaching out to them

  3. Lol are we neighbors? I had the exact same experience

  4. Use a compress air can and blow it every where you can to see if something is stuck or a sensor is blocked or if something has the drain clogging and it think that it has to drain the machine.

  5. Thanks again for your suggestion, I tried your suggestions and unfortunately it's still not working :( thanks again, i really appreciate it!

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