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Today is a sad day in music history.

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  1. Ah yes the classic answer of just fully ignoring the main question.

  2. Im not ignoring the question. Why would you mod a retaliator when the aeon pro is $20 ?

  3. Why learn modding,when you can just dumb it down and pick up a store bought blaster.

  4. you could use the Aeon pro for parts. It is cheaper than any kit. The mag adapter alone is more $$$ if bought from a 3d printer.

  5. Isn't that the plot of The Force Awakens ?

  6. I see someone carrying a noose I confront them. This is what real men and women would do. Hiding again is a bad optic and shows lack of character. He is the Prime Minister we require him to do his job for us and develop a thicker skin. Carrying a noose is really poor taste and certainly not helping the cause.

  7. This may not be obvious to you, but the threat to you is minimal. You get shot or stabbed, the world goes on without a hiccup. Nobody gives a fuck.

  8. Last time I checked I do not have a professional detail of security agents.

  9. As long as we are the more technologically advanced it will go great for us. New slaves lol.

  10. Won't stop us from trying. We already think we are pretty much God's

  11. Are we getting this on PSVR ? Starting to feel abandoned here :(

  12. I was literally just in a match with one of the devs and he said zombies, the new map, and dual wielding are coming next week.

  13. Step 1. Thrift Blasters for under $6 a blaster. Buy every Jolt and Disrupter you find.

  14. Step 4 is a gta money glitch if I’ve ever heard one

  15. In the same way I love to teach someone to install win 98 on a thrift store PC or how to operate DOS to play wolfenstien the "Penny Mod" on a Nerf Maverick is a rite of passage.

  16. I found one in working order thrifting last month. I love this blaster :)

  17. They took our money and developed the Quest version :(

  18. i can't imagine missing a war because my specialized blaster is not ready or working.

  19. Fuck. This short piece hit me so hard. My son loves playing Minecraft and I don’t get it at all.

  20. You should try. It is more than a game. Every Minecraft world is a canvas and the creations in it digital art that can be monotized.

  21. Lets go back to an Elizabeth the 1st monarchy.

  22. I have lots of blasters from 2008-2012 but I would assume none of them are too special or rare, just special to me because they are childhood toys.

  23. We all have addictions to thrifting blasters of that era. I am not one to believe in essence so for me a thrifted version that has not spent a decade underwater and is still functional would be more of a score. Spend an hour watching youtube videos and see if your nostalgia is cured :)

  24. Thanks for the advice. I actually want to get back into nerf. I may be 23 but I’ve been binge watching Coop772 and a few other nerftubers. I’d like to take the shell of my original toys and pimp it out to something competitive.

  25. I am looking forward to getting to all the single player titles I have neglected while there is at least a little life left in multiplayer PSVR1.

  26. does anyone know what thos 3 silicone pieces are for?

  27. one is to plug up deadspace in the plunger. The 2 little ones are spacers for the catch I think

  28. You have to mod the plunger system by putting tape under the O ring to create a better seal and use white lithium grease to lubricate. I can get 50' with mega XL darts and a demolisher this way.

  29. 3 or 4 wraps of packing tape around the post :)

  30. I saw soundgarden at the first Lolapollooza in Vancouver !!!

  31. lol. That may be true but I am not wrong :)

  32. I will stand in line at the walk in for you for $500.

  33. I hope twitter burns to the ground. Elon is welcome to join them :)

  34. Um… I think you misunderstand what a pet store is. They are most certainly sold at such locations.

  35. I am not an expert :) I envy people that can train and keep happy pets. I have actually never had a dog. It would be such a huge change in lifestyle it is not feasible. I do however not envy the horrible useless excuses for human beings that neglect or abuse their pets. That is the point I am trying to make. Clearer ?

  36. Not really. Because you’re assuming this person would be shitty. That in turn makes you shitty for assuming! Heheh

  37. "Do you have any cheap puppies you could sell ?"

  38. Your experience with the sm7b seems to be the opposite of mine and everyone else’s that I’ve heard talk about the microphone, for one I don’t think Eric Valentine would have used that mic on so many modern rock records, specially having so many other options, if it wasn’t a great mic that can take EQ like a champ

  39. It does not need a cloudlifter if you've got the right preamp for the job

  40. That is all true but you forgot about the MJ and Quincy mojo.

  41. Why not just get the kit from Out Of Darts

  42. Turbine (and all E2.0) lacks tactical rail locking tooth older series have, so attachments will slide around. It's held together with clips & glue so taking it apart for cleaning, repairs, or modding is difficult to impossible without breaking the shell. The trigger return & mag release springs are molded plastic that will 100% wear out or break before the older series. All while costing MORE than E1.0 or modulus, even accounting for inflation.

  43. I'm not really into modding my weapons or giving them a lot of attachments, I'm kind of looking for a cheap and reliable nerf blaster that can get at least 1-2 attachments. Guess the rapid strike is a better pick?

  44. DartZone MK3 or get the DartZone Spectrum. Rapistrike is underwealming with no mods

  45. If Twitter has exposure for lying about the bot count, then Musk would be buying this legal nightmare. He is possibly using this whole situation to troll twitter into exposing their fraud.

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