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  1. Noice, I love the designs! but you could do without the blue background color thingy. It is confusing. The black text color against white background is easy to interact with, ui wise.

  2. Generalization is not good my friend, in fact My Oromo family actually were BORN AND RAISED IN RURAL COUNTRY SIDE AREA: and they were born speaking Amharic, in fact some of the Learned Oromia after moving to the city side: again this is based of actual experience, generalizing ethnic groups is a horrible idea.

  3. It is Afan Oromo, not Oromia. Where is this rural area in Oromia where Oromos are born speaking not their language but instead Amharic?

  4. I don't know never really went to ask them: but I can tell you its far from any "urban area" its in the countryside, and One thing i must distinguish is my Grandparents speak Amharic as their second language, but their children whom are my uncles and aunts speak Amharic as their first and native language and they are in their 60s some in 50s and some in 40s, some of them learned Afan Oromo when they moved to Addis Ababa when the communist government took their land, and they had to move to the capital: there is when they learned Afan Oromo

  5. As a journalist, I have tried to piece together what is going on. From what I know, the issue of a neutral third-party mediator has slowed things down tremendously. OLA is adamant on this point, OPP is divided, APP is being told that this is all a farce to regain Oromo support. As usual, it is a mess.

  6. I have additionally heard that OLA’s main demand is that Abiy is no more. But as you said, OPP is divided and the “negotiation” is indeed a farce. If Abiy gets the loan he needs from the West, there is a high chance that the war against OLA will resume.

  7. New information: they are in communication through a western government but they are still deliberating on what "third-party mediation" should look like. PP says they can accept "third party observers" but OLA wants a third-party to facililtate and run the negotiations. By the way, Blinken told PP that they can forget about AGOA until there is peace in Oromia and accountability for the crimes in Tigray.

  8. Good on the US. Unless there is peace in Oromia, there won’t be peace in the whole country. As for PP saying no to third party mediation, that must be why some Oromo mps called on the African Union to step in yesterday.

  9. Bak güzel kardeşim. Almanya vatandaşlığına sahip kişiye alman denir. Fransa'da yaşayana fransız. Sen hiç almanyalı ya da fransalı diye hitap edildiğini duydun mu? Söyleyen de kara propaganda amaçlı bilerek konuşuyordur. Türkiye Cumhuriyeti vatandaşlığına sahipsen türksündür. Kürt kökenli türküm de diyebilirsin bunda hiiçbir sorun yok. Bu tarz açılımlara kaçmanın amacı daha sonrasında mecliste kavukla fesle oturabilmeliyim isteğinin kapılarını açar. Bu adamlar domuz bağcı daha nesini savunuyorsun ak.

  10. Kürt de Laz da Çerkes de Türk de farklı etnik kökenlerdir. Türk kelimesi eşsesli bir kelimedir. Hem etnik kökeni hem de Türkiye Cumhuriyeti vatandaşı olma anlamını taşır.

  11. ‘Türkler’ icin ne kadarda uygun; Your ethnic identity doubles as that of your national identity.

  12. Less people compared to previous years. OSFNA should've stayed in MN.

  13. Probably around the 10k mark. Tbh it should’ve came to Seattle there’s a bigger community here.

  14. Again, I can't see or reply to your comment, although i see it in my notification.

  15. Are you talking about yourself? I am not the one who picked this picture, posted it sayin one synod one yada yada 😂

  16. I can see your replies on my notification, but I don't see it here for some reason. Maybe your account is restricted on this sub because of your regressive remarks.

  17. I asked for source, not for your interpretation of what may or may not have happened 😁

  18. Advertise on social media. IG, Facebook etc. Tap into influencers who might advertise your product in exchange for free Tshirts or a couple of bucks. Good luck.

  19. Maybe coz this diqala of a priest was saying “whoever doesn’t like Minilik is Italian” in a church?

  20. No they deffo always have been but I feel like it’s everywhere now ,like Ethiopian news outlets idk I might just be paying more attention.But I feel like a lot more people dislike us then I thought or atleast now are vocalising it because it’s about religion so they feel like they can.

  21. Oromia PP is making Amharas show their true colors to gain legitimacy they had lost among Oromos and perhaps to lay the ground for policies they are implementing such as the ongoing rapprochement with TPLF or policies they are planning to implement such as negotiations with OLA.

  22. Because you're right. They're not an organic ethnic group like Somali, Tigrayan, Afar etc. It's a cultural umbrella that hosts a range of other assimilated groups. It's only an ethnic group because the Amhara peasantry strongly identify with it and the Amhara "elite" (urbanites) strongly identify with Amhara culture. They were ready to discard the Amhara identity in favour of Ethiopianism in the late 70s, but the Dergue and post-Dergue climate made it impossible to contend in politics without organising along ethnic lines.

  23. Amhara describes two distinct identities. There are "ethnic" Amharas which represent a (largely rural) demographic that falls under the same cultural and linguistic umbrella. This includes other absorbed ethnicities. And then you have the Amhara urbanites who discard the Amhara identity in favour of the "Ethiopian" identity - which is just a reskin of Amhara. The latter elites are the ones denouncing the Amhara identity because they want to homogenize the entirety of Ethiopians

  24. I have seen this argument floating around, but how is that Amharas don’t have clans, tribes and what have you like any organic group in Africa? The other argument is that Amhara is a culture, not an ethnicity. Imagine if Swahili speakers insisted ‘Swahili’ was also an ethnicity.

  25. Baga ngayan gamadan warra magala Portland jiratan. Jabadha!

  26. Cahil sensin amk adamın İngilizcesini siktiret sen daha Türkçe sözü yorumlayamıyorsun

  27. Literally what Celal is talking about, you are functionally illiterate

  28. Let me clarify incase people might misunderstand: this Amhara priest is clearly lying coz there is no way he would know the religious identity of his would be rapists. What is more, he identifies his rapists as having two religious identities: the indigenous Oromo faith (Waaqeeffannaa) and protestant. A sane person would ask how the fuck did you know and then ask one more question: was he a Protestant or Waaqeffataa?

  29. It also condemns illegally ordaining "bishops" and trying to take over church property.

  30. The church property belongs to the parishioners, who are mostly Oromo as the church happens to be in Oromia. Let me repeat the bloody obvious, no-one is stopping Amharas from doing their thing in the Amhara region.

  31. If it belongs to the parishioners, why were they killed when they rejected the false bishops?

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