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  1. Wait… you’ll be staying in both NE LA and Sawtelle…? Cause they are two different places, and one of them is not great to hit food places without a car…

  2. Don’t start trashing on everything when you’ve only been here a few months.

  3. If you want carts, Atlantic Seafood and Dim Sum. Otherwise Lunasia.

  4. Sadly, Atlantic has gone down a lot in quality. I’d choose Capitol over Atlantic nowadays.

  5. Irvine like Irvine right now.... Arcadia.

  6. This makes no sense that anything from negotiations would be confirmed with press in the first week, let alone the first couple of days.

  7. Seriously though I'm pretty sure the only thing you need to do to set up shop as a talent agent is register with the State Board of Industrial Relations and post the Talent Agency Bond

  8. Maybe legally yes, but you can’t just say you’re an agent, and then be an agent. You do have to have actual referrals just to even get a Breakdown Services account.

  9. Are the referrals a new thing to breakdown services? I feel like I know so many people who have gotten their agency license to rep themselves who get onto breakdown no problem. How would they have gotten referrals?

  10. Nope, it’s always been at least one casting referral and one other industry referral. So maybe they had friends in those areas who vouched for them.

  11. If you live close to one, then yes. I personally recycle them and then keep the cash in my car to give.

  12. Before you do, have you tried reaching out to your old agent in NY and see if they’ll cover you in LA? Otherwise, you honestly could probably just say I don’t think it’s working, and I think we should part ways, and see how the LA agent responds. Those clauses are usually for the clients that book a ton and then want to leave for a bigger agency.

  13. Are you saying scallion pancakes to wrap the moo shu pork? Or moo shu pork and scallion pancakes?

  14. Central Casting does the actual casting, the other two are just listing services, so they get you extra work. So it’s not about preference, it’s about if you want to do your own work calling in, or give money for someone else to do it.

  15. Nah trust, they pack your plate big time.

  16. As a bicoastal person: LA rent is cheaper, transportation way more expensive, clothing is more expensive, food about the same (groceries cheaper, restaurants are pricier). If you're comparing relatively equivalent lifestyles (i.e., don't compare Manhattan rent to Silver Lake, being a hermit vs going out w/ friends all the time) it ends up being about the same.

  17. I’m not sure if you’re saying groceries are cheaper in LA or NY, but I find that NY groceries are definitely more expensive.

  18. NYC groceries are only more expensive if you don't know where to shop.

  19. I mean, a few years ago, I was at a Trader Joe’s in NY and asked a friend in LA to take a picture of how much a single banana cost. The non-organic banana in LA was 19 cents (25 cents for organic), and it was 63 cents for one in NYC. Usually bananas come in bunches of around 8, so the difference is $3.52 more in NY for one bunch of bananas from Trader Joe’s. I’m sure I’ll hear that my mistake was shopping at Trader Joe’s, but it was a very telling comparison in my opinion.

  20. Just curious how you have this option? I've been waiting over 5 months just for one. Did you find a breeder than can do two at the same time?

  21. There’s a rescue near me that currently has a pup that’s 8-10 months old, and I’ve been talking to someone who has an adult pup that needs to be rehomed. I’m not looking at puppies, which may be the difference for us.

  22. Heads up: I understand why you’re asking this question, cause the image in our heads when graduating is always “hit the ground running.” Please don’t be surprised if you get your first audition in your first couple of months and then nothing for six months. Or nothing for six months and then get your first audition. And really, there are very few short notice calls right now. So when you get here, really just consider getting settled in your new place, get any job that will hire you first, and then if you happen to get a last minute audition, you worry about it then.

  23. I don’t think it is I saw two people with burgers

  24. I think it’s a different chef, so not sure that it’s the same one. I’ll have to go try it.

  25. Do they still have the same burger. I went there a long while back and the burger was so good.

  26. For the most part, it's a Sunday like every other. The only area affected is near the venue.

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