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  1. They should do this to see who gets to go to the All-Star game altogether. 800 sticks in the middle lmao

  2. Lol, Minny has a far superior system in front Gus.

  3. Sorry, should have caveat, goalies that come to play in the DJ era ruin their career. Craig Anderson was with us for DJ’s first year of coaching

  4. It was later revealed that Blueger was triggered because DeSmith pulled a Jarry/Marchand and yelled “how about that f____ save” /s

  5. If that was a concern, couldn’t they just have pre-selected Barkov to win the vote? They clearly did that with the other winners

  6. Stützle mustve fell 1000 votes or so short. He was nearing 300k

  7. They definitely did not count the twitter votes

  8. This is a weird situation. He's coming back off a long injury, so it seems he's healed and ready to go, but they're not playing him? He's much better than the other bottom 6 wingers being played, and this was supposed to be his first professional game playing against his brother.

  9. Purely speculation, but I think they might be trying to trade him

  10. Ottawa has the 2 highest ranked players from the 2020 NHL draft with Stutzle and Sanderson at 3 and 13 respectively

  11. Ottawa has the 2 highest ranked players from the 2020 NHL draft with Stutzle and Sanderson at 3 and 13 respectively

  12. If there’s one NHLer that I could see owning an exotic snake farm in Missouri, it would be Lehner.

  13. I could see literally any goalie in the NHL owning a snake farm. They’re all weird af

  14. And Chris Paul hits a huge three to cut the lead down to 42

  15. They are also trying to field teams by position too

  16. There are literally no defensemen in the east

  17. Ostapchuk was a wrecking ball and is sneaky skilled, looks like he could be a good bottom 6 guy in the NHL.

  18. The game was way too fast for Boucher. I could see this being an issue for him in the NHL even as a bottom 6 guy

  19. He is in some pretty elite company if he can keep up this pace

  20. This game has Canada choke written all over it

  21. Lafreniere is in the press box at MSG trying to pull this move off in NHL 23

  22. Not sure what’s more surprising, the fact that he’s leading the NHL in EVP, or that he is somehow a -7 even with all the EVP

  23. Karlsson is now up to 48 pts in 36 GP. Give this man his 3rd Norris

  24. I knew exactly what this video was before I clicked on the link

  25. Are you aware of any teammates who lurk in this subreddit? Do you often check this subreddit yourself?

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