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  1. I don’t like the premise and didn’t watch it for that very reason. It’s sadistic and disturbing.

  2. I'm not sure which language you are referring to, but one of the "features" of a class is to actually provide a namespace. If you ask me, it is bad practice top have free floating functions lacking of namespaces to identify and organize them. But hey...

  3. C++ allows you to group variables in namespaces. No need to create a class

  4. I do. But creating an entire class just to store variables. That’s bad practise in c++. Seems wasteful. How about the space in memory?

  5. I seem to remember years ago, reading an article that stated one of the God of War games, the one on the ps3 I think, was partly programmed drunk. I find that hard to believe though.

  6. I don’t know what else to call them lol. That’s the shape they have.

  7. I quit using this company in 2019. Three times they failed to deliver my food after making me wait 2 hours. I called them and asked if their employees kept cancelling my delivery because they were getting other deliveries that required they travel a shorter distance. They said that wasn’t the case. But it happened three times in a row so I stopped using them. Worse service I’ve had.

  8. Yeah that's a thing. Drivers pick the orders they like. If he pay/distance doesn't work the food stays there for long. Unless an inexperience driver takes it for little pay and then gets lost or can't find your address.

  9. That’s what common sense told me but the Deliveroo operator told me that wasn’t the case. Of course I didn’t believe her at the time and told her so.

  10. If I had that kind of money, the world would not know who I was and I sure wouldn’t be working. I’d be on a life-long vacation.

  11. Am I what I do and nothing more? Is there more to me other than my actions?

  12. Least favourite would be anything on mainstream radio today. Just pick one at random, and that is it.

  13. Would be fun to see the reports of how many were knocked off road due to cars not hearing them coming lol.

  14. They may all be selfish, but they are most assuredly not the same. Anyone who does not see that is too cynical or a paid troll.

  15. You’ll realise when you get older. In the meantime keep hoping that a politician will actually make things better. In ten years, see if things have improved or not.

  16. Computer programming. At worse I could program a very simple game. There’s always someone somewhere who will buy it.

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