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My boyfriend forced me to do anal last night and I’m traumatized

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  1. Everybody not going this America get you a legal pipe and stay dangerous

  2. CO said it 🤷🏾‍♂️ Cameras show when they walked out she put a hoodie over his head and ran off and dats when they killed him

  3. Y’all be tryna get street cred on Reddit take y’all lil bad asses outside

  4. On god niggas be insecure asl itching to put blick on a mf for some stripes

  5. Illinois been tapping they pockets i got like 400 off that Facebook shit

  6. Don’t bother. Mods here are just bots. They remove anything that isn’t cosplay, fan art that you made personally, or anything that doesn’t include an image or spoiler. If you had posted this on memepiece it would have been fine.

  7. I mean its not an opinion it is toon force. If i wanted to be super pedantic i could say all devil fruits are a form of toon force cuz they are.

  8. My brother in christ I have told you several times that I don’t agree and that you are entitled to your own opinion. My nigga. I don’t. Agree. Let. It. Go. I brought up air walking to show flight is pretty common I never said it was irrelevant, I literally said you were correct in what you said about him not learning it which is why I said I concede that point, calm down and take your time, read to comprehend not to respond. And uhh no my nigga him referencing other media is not a confirmation but okay for the 3rd or 4th time, I. Do. Not. Agree. BUT. You are entitled to your own opinion lol

  9. This lame asl basically she getting punished for not riding dick

  10. And all that you said don’t make no sense either. It wasn’t even dudes post and unlike y’all I don’t go searching these niggas profile 😹

  11. Nigga why would I search yo profile you saying anything stay on topic gang

  12. For a fact there lot of people on here searching my profile, one is even out here threatening me over what not plus you said niggas be arguing with gang members for clout, I don’t even be on the net like that, dude was talking about how he was locked up w Von and all and I told him he don’t got to prove nothing to the net and he went off on me talking about he’ll make my mama cry this and that. Trust me if you claim you real on the netIG especially people would just clown your ass. And yeah a lot of y’all on here delusional af, I’ve had enough back and forth for the day.

  13. Okay nigga that’s them idgaf about searching yo profile so like I said stay on topic if the nigga was tweaking w you for no reason you shoulda posted that allat extra seem like you chasing it

  14. Youn éven own yo own pipe how u goN say I’m internet

  15. Nigga who not gripping? You think a gun hard to get dummy we live in America

  16. Niggas be internet asl wouldn’t dare say y’all was smoking on somebody to a mf face

  17. Haven't heard it but it prolly was off beat and mid as usually. Common Lamron W

  18. Knock on their door and have a conversation if it’s really bothering you?

  19. People like this need to be taught a lesson. They do not understand anything else.

  20. I disagree. She was having a hysterical reaction to being close to a man who she imagined was going to touch her or had touched her.

  21. So she was having a whole ass temper tantrum for no reason gotcha and somehow that’s excuses her weird ass screaming at the top of older lungs after she admitted she cut him in line ? Y’all stay falling for that white woman victim shit

  22. She probably cut in line to get away from him. I'm sorry that you have no sympathy whatsoever for a rape victim. She wasn't having a tantrum, I don't think she could control her meltdown because she was having flashbacks. You have a nice day.

  23. She literally says she cut him in line because she didn’t see him not to get away remove yourself bias and watch again and she just accused buddy of tryna touch her and you think imma take anything she saying seriously? And hell nah them crocodile tears because you were in the wrong bringing up a sad but irrelevant situation that don’t do it for me we seen plenty of Karen situations inna past they don’t get my sympathy

  24. Yeah who cares if she kills a kid in the process? Yall ignorant.

  25. Shut yo “but what if” ass up focus on the topic at hand goofy

  26. a right to? I think you mean he can, which is true. Just because you can doesnt mean you should.. what does he gain from sharing this

  27. The nigga grieving the issue is how judgemental mfs are nowadays niggas post shit pertaining to mfs they lost all the time he ain’t post nun wild niggas just tryna make sum outta nun

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