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You now have 10,000 of whatever object is to your left. What do you do with your newfound wares?

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Every reason to be alarmed

  • By - rzx0

What fruit can fuck off?

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  1. I now have 10,000 slices of carrot cake. Guess I've got breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted for a while.

  2. I'd love to see this visualised in a chart like the one above. Does anyone know where there might be a visual chart version of this Victorian seasons available?

  3. I learnt about the wurundjeri tribe in primary school, their land was Melbourne and all the way out to Sunbury. I know that they had seven seasons but this is the best visualised chart I could find that makes the most sense to me and is readable

  4. This is great and it also lines up with my location in Vic as well! I honestly feel ashamed that I've never come across this before.

  5. When financial institutions are actioning these type of sanctions, they can be very time consuming. Often a high workload. Because the names are not unique.

  6. Yeah Fargo is on Netflix in Northern Europe, as well as Ireland.

  7. Amazing photo. I love the pose of the woman standing on the pedestal, she looks so strong and defiant.

  8. I just rewatched this recently, it's a fantastic scene! Really makes you start thinking about what motivates Henry and the lengths he might go to help someone in need.

  9. It's been a while since I've seen the episode, but I think it was kind of a terror tactic. Chance really believed that Vic had targeted his property specfically, not that she had walked up his driveway because she needed help after the car accident. He was completely paranoid and was trying to get the phone pin to find out who they called.

  10. I loved S1 but I'm currently at S2 E1 and its a bit harder to get through, do you think it gets better and should I go on?

  11. Season 2 was easily my favourite season. I loved it. I did struggle to get through season 3 though. Season 3 was the only season so far where I found the characters a bit dull and predictable - with the exception of Vargas that is.

  12. How did you get trough season 3? I legit started watching it the 4th time and I just can’t force myself to continue

  13. Honestly, I just kept hoping it would get better. After so many really interesting characters in season 2 I just kept waiting for season 3 to pick up its game, lol.

  14. I like Jacob too. He was shady, but Walt accused him of some really terrible things throughout the show. Sometimes I felt really sorry for him.

  15. Lol have you seen the guards? They're all a bunch of Indian nationals on a work visa because we have a security "shortage"

  16. It's not exactly a highly trained or regulated profession. So maybe we should have been a little bit more strict with who we trusted to control quarantine during a pandemic

  17. I just genuinely don't wanna pirate things. Personal choice. I used to when I was younger but I'd rather pay at least a little.

  18. Agreed. People put a lot of hard work into making great shows. They deserve to make a living from it.

  19. Iirc it had to be majority population overall and a majority of states in favour.

  20. There is a high chance that you have received dirty funds into your account and they are using you as part of the laundering process.

  21. You'd get caught too quickly. This is too much trouble to go to for not enough reward. The account the funds went in would get frozen I think.

  22. Oh gosh, I remember this! We used to make cartoon tattoos from transferring the silly putty to our skin.

  23. Also, breathing deeply the smell of the hand cranked page copying machine when the teacher passed around the handouts.

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