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  1. I like midtown dental in Burbank. Good pricing and pretty sure they’ll do payment plans.

  2. Fun house pink. My tattoo studio has this flooring and we have black accents, fun house pink walls. Everyone that comes in loves it.

  3. The proportions are really interesting. The head is so large compared to the body, looks like an adolescent or a cartoon.

  4. We hosted friends for an event over the weekend and everyone had several drinks. At one point 2 of the guests used our private bathroom that's connected to our bedroom because the main bathroom was occupied, and came back and made several loud jokes about the boxes of pregnancy and ovulation tests they saw in there. Nobody knew we were trying and I am fresh off of a CP last cycle and it was just so uncomfortable. My husband had a talk with them about how what they did was messed up and TTC is a private matter for us and they apologized, but I feel like I'm under a microscope now and it's stressing me out.

  5. I’m so sorry. That sounds awful and uncomfortable.

  6. CD13 and had EWCM on CD9-12. We are having sex every two days so we hit CD6, 8, 10, and 12 so far. We plan to keep having sex on CD14, 16, 18 and 20. We got some preseed to help us out when we need it. I'd never used lube before, but also had NO idea most of them were not safe for conception. Blew my mind!

  7. I’ve started using my Apple Watch to temp a long with a thermometer in the morning, my Apple Watch is usually a whole degree lower! Thought that was interesting.

  8. I have never been chill a day in my life. My baby is about 12 weeks. I hate that toxic positivity bullshit. People are so dismissive.

  9. I have a video appointment with an RE nurse today and I’m looking forward to getting the ball rolling! I had my intake appointment with the OBGYN fertility doctor two weeks ago and she ordered CD21 blood tests for me (the results of which seem normal). I’m not sure what to expect from the meeting with the nurse, but my doctor told me she (the nurse) could order an SA for my husband, so I plan to ask for that.

  10. We are of a similar age and timeline! Also starting fertility testing in a little over a week so I share the same excitement with you. 🖤

  11. CD1 finally! 6 days late. I was losing my mind. I started therapy for the first time in my life &im really grateful to have someone to help me through all of this. Gonna grab Halloween costumes this morning. My partner will be Garfield and I get to be John arbuckle. 😎 it’s almost the weekend y’all 🖤

  12. Plz submit this to vintagebathroomlove on Instagram. They will love it lol. It’s so beautiful.

  13. Period is now 5 days late. Negative tests. Last period only lasted one day and wasn’t even enough for one tampon. Honestly looking forward to the fertility clinic in two weeks now. Idk what the f is going on. 🥴

  14. Pretty bad cramping for me. Maybe 4 days heavy out of 7 days total. Then my next two cycles were super short. Under 17days.

  15. So annoyed After my period came only 8 days after ovulation (and some Proov PdG tests came in low) I emailed my doc office and asked if I could have an appointment even though it hasn’t been a year yet and they called me back and scheduled it. And I got there the nurse was like oh you’re here for a pre conception appt and I was like ummm…? So apparently my nice email about how I knew it hadn’t been a year asking if I could come in early was translated into a preconception appt where my doc gave me advice I already knew and said no to any testing or anything.

  16. My doctor said 12 months, which was 15 cycles for me. When I called at the 12 month mark my Dr. instantly sent me over for a REI clinic. I thought it was weird that she never saw me or did any tests?

  17. Tomorrow is CD3 baseline blood and ultrasound. The same ol’ same ol’. I’m so so so tired. I’m just so tired.

  18. I’m so sorry for all the hurt you are both going through. 🖤

  19. My period is 3 days late now. Woke up with a major freaking headache. Thinking maybe I’ll get my period tomorrow? I’m trying so hard not to get my hopes up when our first fertility appointment is less than two weeks away. Guess I’ll test later but I don’t even want to see anymore negative tests after 15 cycles of trying.

  20. Are you TNT? I’m hopeful for you <3

  21. I had a MC at 6weeks. I ovulated again right away, but my first three cycles after were extremely short. 11-17days. So took about three months to have regular cycles again.

  22. My favorite was when my family implied I was pregnant because I’d gained some weight and I got to say “nope! Just fat!” Thanks for pointing that out fam.

  23. Daaaaang, would love a pic if you feel comfortable sharing!

  24. I’m a tattooer. It’s illegal to tattoo minors in my state (felony child abuse charge) BUT after reading your reasoning I do understand. I would advise something small, very simple, and definitely somewhere less visible.

  25. I’m 13 cycles past my MC and still no luck.

  26. My mom had me at 41 when my siblings were ages 16-20 already. I’m extremely close with my sisters! Do what you feel is right for you and your family.

  27. Is it another tattoo by someone who can’t put in an outline????

  28. 10 DPO. I definitely feel different this cycle, maybe im just burnt out 😂 I can’t stop hoping this will be the cycle and I won’t even need to go to my fertility clinic appointment in a week and a half. 🤞🏻 can’t believe we’ve been trying for a year already. Wth.

  29. My sister was murdered by her boyfriend/baby daddy back in June before he killed himself leaving their 1.5 year old an orphan. I have my nephew now, and the first month after it happened he would wake up every night screaming for his mama. He still occasionally does. For anyone out there going through domestic abuse my heart goes out to you 💕

  30. 8dpo. Last chance at a pregnancy before the appointment with the fertility doctors. 🫠

  31. Quickly mostly uses non-dairy milk in their milk teas.

  32. Cant you just sub out ingredients when u order at any regular shop?

  33. It depends! Boba time has premixes that aren’t vegan even when you change out the milk.

  34. These people are like anti vaxxers with the "it happened to my third cousin twice removed's great aunt's sister-in-law's step grandson so clearly it's a problem." I guarantee you haven't even fact checked your anecdote, Brenda, so just stop for the love of God.

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