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  1. Half people who will reply on this thread will become religious as they grow older

  2. I know you mean well but please don't encourage the troll post.

  3. I think there is a big line between exaggeration and troll. I personally don’t think this is a troll post. Is OP exaggerating? Maybe. But I’ve been there and when you are depressed / not in best state of mind, you don’t think clearly and try to ‘throw a lot of things on wall’ and see if anything helps you. In this case, OP is electing to post (exaggerated current situation)on social media on various threads. Sometimes getting sympathy from strangers help. Point being there is higher chance OP is struggling than being a troll.

  4. You’ll be surprised how many stories of famous people are fake/made up. I worked with PR agency people in past and they literally manufacture stories for businessmen/actors/actresses/politicians to say in interviews.

  5. I genuinely don’t think it was as great a movie that this sub is making it to be. None of my family members liked it

  6. Metropolitan has amazing fresh baked cookie

  7. Hope you were able to get the name ‘in time’

  8. Isn’t this word to word same post as unpopularopinion sub?

  9. Update: thank you everyone for awesome suggestions. Got a no drill curtain rod and blackout curtains. Much better now. Thanks Fam!

  10. May I ask how it doest help? Blinds can go upward or downward facing. Which should eliminate all glate

  11. There are minor gaps in blinds because the blinds are old. landlord not changing them.

  12. Thank you Cristiano for everything. The club will be back on top but it won’t be with you.

  13. It’s a choice. You don’t have to

  14. I’ll vote for Narsimha Rao. Best PM

  15. Pronunciation problem- depends on where you live.

  16. Thank you for the response. Wouldn’t English native speakers be able to say ‘th’ the same way as Bath or Beth?

  17. This and Chelsea sale will give Glazers a very good idea on how much they will get for United.

  18. I think from everyone else's perspective, in the UK you'd go through maybe a litre a week, mostly for tea. I forgot US has a whole cereal thing going on, but it sounds like people actually just raw dog it by drinking straight milk, which largely isn't a thing in most countries I'm aware of either.

  19. Almost everyone I know in India grew up drinking milk straight up. Milk consumption is immense in India (correcting when Op Said they are not aware any other country apart from US where people straight up drink milk)

  20. That’s because the only filmmakers given a chance today are elites who have grown up watching western movies. The top producers,directors are way too elite

  21. None of our forward players want to work hard. Everyone just wants ball in their feet and then they imagine the headlines. So when midfield has a bad game we just lose because the forwards can’t compensate.

  22. Knew baby was girl. Everyone was wearing pink at baby shower. Congrats to them

  23. The only way to make govt act in India is by protesting on streets. The people who are complaining about pollution are not the ‘protesting in the streets’ type

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