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  1. Going 1st in the shootout is such a huge advantage

  2. It’s a 60-40 advantage. United won against Brighton in fa cup going second

  3. 11th in the La Liga and going to UCL next year...

  4. They will be in pot 1 along with league winners

  5. Yeah this is the only way. Keep swirling and the fat will start getting mixed with milk. Not all but you should get a good amount

  6. Might get downvoted. Been playing fpl for 10 years. Only discovered this sub in 2021. If you are a serious follower of this sub and your rank is not in top 500k, not sure what you are doing.

  7. Answered it earlier. A lot of them are casual/non serious subs

  8. Sir socialism sub pe post kijiye pls

  9. I really like Pulisic at Dortmund. Hopefully he can revive his form at new club

  10. I’m out as well. I will only join the 5 million dollar game

  11. Lol at all the suggestions. Having same problem and seen multiple ‘ww’ comments I’ve concluded that some babies are just bad nappers.

  12. JCal benefits the most out of it. It’s self promotion for his fund.

  13. TLDR: OP mother standing in queue in bank, answered a phone call, security guard got angry that she is talking on phone (?), guard used unparliamentary language while being aggressive, OP confronted politely but wants to report it.

  14. I think the case they're making here is relative dominance. If points are a measure of how well you can compete against those in your division and in your era, then there has been nothing like City.

  15. No he is literally saying if Ferguson was the manager of ‘a team’ (most likely man Utd)today he would have zero titles. Are you serious? Like that line itself is so illogical. A) there is no logical way to prove that b) you are literally picking the best manager ever in PL era and saying there is ‘no chance’ he can win against this City team. Grasping for straws I would say.

  16. We didn't bottle anything. If ferguson went up against this city team every time he went up for the championship, (if they just draw one game this stays true) he would finish on 0 championships not 13.

  17. Worst way to defend this argument is by bring scenarios you can have no evidence for. What if Bob Shankly’s teams played this City team? Comparing teams / managers from diff era is just non sensical. But you do you. Whatever helps you sleep.

  18. Single income families buying a home

  19. Surprised this is not too answer. Too many first world answers on top

  20. What you are saying is incorrect. It only applies once spends cross 7lac. At least this part is not complicated.

  21. I’ve seen Bangalore SubReddit people go apeshit on posters who are genuinely in trouble and troll the living daylights out of them. But here this 20 year old, near adult, dumbfuck of all time (let’s make DOAT a thing) is making a complete victim out of himself and people are coddling him like it’s a 12 year old. @OP: Oh you poor thing who ate Maggie for weeks, whose scores suffered because you were busy ‘doing it’, who had to clean the house and live off “scraps” from the mess! Us lesser mortals cannot even imagine your pain. /s Anyway, I heavily think this is a shitpost of some kind. The whole thing seems too scripted. And if it isn’t, then OP it’s time to grow the fuck up, tell your parents and go to the police. Take responsibility of your actions instead of making yourself out to be this poor thing who wasn’t getting it on happily with not one but two people.

  22. Of course it’s a shitpost. Amazed at the responses

  23. Wow. Sounds like a b grade thriller. Good luck bro.

  24. This is one of the most stupid rule ever passed. Rather than finding innovative ways to reduce tax evasion, govt wants to punish the honest tax payers. So so so stupid

  25. The big difference between City from early Pep years to now is that they will score couple of goals against Inter and then just manage the game out, instead of attacking continuously and risking counter attack.

  26. Can’t believe it’s on us to stop the treble

  27. Seems likely. Deal seems to have been finalized during Qatar trip long back

  28. Ineos have honestly put me off with some of the things they’ve said recently

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