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  1. I think the problem goes a bit more deeper than that. From what I've heard (and you call me crazy on that one), Penske is running the series as if he's still the head of Team Penske, full of secrets and all that stuff. Here's the thing, though: the Indycar Series isn't a team. Is a series that you need to have a long-term plan to put into action and show to the other teams. And so far, we don't have one, just a bunch of (in my eyes) things that doesn't change the series. Or at least, not as much as we want to. I agree with new tracks and new car, but I don't think it will be enough to solve the stagnation the series is passing right now.

  2. Not gonna lie, Indycar biggest issue is a lack of a long-term plan for the following years. We don't know what will happen in a three to four years span. I mean, we know hybrids is going to be on Indycar in 24 and there's synthetic fuel, but there's that. I know marketing is the biggest issue for the majority, but the issue is far more deeper and complex than we think.

  3. I certainly can continue to race with the DW-12. It's safe and produces some very competitive racing, at least on road courses.

  4. I'm gonna be honest here: as much as I want a new chassis, the DW-12 is doing pretty alright to me. People that think the DW-12 is unacceptable just want the new chassis ready as soon as possible, but making a new chassis takes time, not to mention the safety matter.

  5. Penske goes senile, lads. We're screwed.

  6. Ficaria surpreso se o povo reagisse, mas considerando a situação atual... não. Só se acontecer uma merda muito grande.

  7. I see your point there. Plus, I think it would be a lot better if they actually follow the whole RabbitTank thematic.

  8. As much as Xross Saber is a lazy final form, I say Grand Zi-O is the worst one. Never got used to this form no matter what people say. It doesn't help that Geiz Majesty is slightly better than Grand Zi-O.

  9. Não ficaria surpreso se o PT anunciasse pelúcias da logo.

  10. Adoro o tão ofendidos eles estão com o TSE não terem respondido essa merda.

  11. If he was genuinely offered a Ganassi seat and turned it down for an F1 reserve role I think that may turn out to be a decision he could live to regret. I just don’t see a reserve role leading to a full time seat for him. Particularly if it is going to involve waiting for Alonso to retire.

  12. Either that or he didn't wanted to repeat the Palougate...

  13. Dando uma olhada na planilha, o circuito não parece ser tão ruim, dada que a ideia deles é receber corrida de Stock Car e F3 e F4, além de arrancada. Resta saber como vai sair a pista quando ela estiver pronta.

  14. To be fair, I think there are some hits and misses, but overall, Indycar is really improving on the overall product, which makes me appreciate the races a lot more.

  15. A lot of F1 social media is also done by team. HaasF1 started the entire Steiner ship meme. Mercedes last week started entire Wolf meme after their team crashed. It’s too easy to blame Indycar but teams themselves aren’t doing much either

  16. True. Still, seems like blaming Indycar is the easier road.

  17. I read something not too long ago that figured out another IndyCar driver had fake social media followers. If I recall it was Kellett. But don't remember for sure.

  18. I find this hard to believe, considering is Kellet we're talking about. Plus, giving his presence in the social media... yeah, hard to believe.

  19. The video barely began and I'm laughing like mad...

  20. Bring back Fontana, for more "wow"

  21. I think the problem might be variety. Call me crazy (or purist), but looking at the 1995 calendar, there were more places to race at ovals than now, though not by much. 2022, we are 2 ovals down (and I'm not sure a double-header at Iowa is a good idea, but to each their own, I guess). Not to mention most of the ovals are owned by SMI and they're wasting a huge opportunity making a crossover event at some oval, instead of wasting a slot in a second race at Indy road course (which, as much as I like the Indy RC, sucks balls). Not to mention the attendance factor, which can be influential for the track's inclusion and/or future.

  22. Devlin DeFrancesco being a manus on track.

  23. I saw him in the paddock and pits at a recent race, he is a menace on his damned motor scooter as well. That dude is going to get beat to hell if he ever hits a crew member. I give it a 50/50 chance of happening. I've seen a lot of people behaving badly in pit lane, but the way he rides his pit bike is worse than anyone I've ever seen.

  24. Sure! Would mind giving credit? I hope that’s not a huge ask.

  25. No problem. Just to warn you it's a joke involving Power and DeFrancesco.

  26. Whatever you want to do 😂 I just wanted photo creds.

  27. Meu problema com o Sérgio nem são os bordões que ele usa (pra mim, é o de menos). O problema é quando ele tenta dar uma de engraçadão e acaba sendo aquela piada que seu tio conta no churrasco. Sem falar que o cara é distraído pra caralho, ele nem sabe o nome do piloto ou a posição que o sujeito tá.

  28. I think as it right now, Indycar is fine racing in USA and Canada. I want the series to be international, but logistically speaking, I don't think it would work.

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