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  1. I hope one day they will rebuild their whole city.

  2. They should make a high audible click sound when striked together.

  3. The great reset and how it's going to affect the middle class and the poor.

  4. I spend too much time watching random ass videos on youtube. The app now advises me to stop.

  5. I am mostly a handshake guy. I rarely get hugs.

  6. Once, at a wedding. Later she realised i was her cousin. She took my number but never texted.

  7. I like the way i am. Maybe i will change one day. But i am doing fine for now.

  8. Dude you're a hunk of a man. Great beard tho

  9. You look like my didi and she's one of the strongest person I know.

  10. THAT's just a Pledge in India. Not a nazi salute. But what they're talking about is very close to nazi stuff.

  11. Home. At least it was before i fucked everything up

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