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  1. If Biden doesn't stick the most left judge he can find in that spot....

  2. Biden needs all 50 Senate Democrats, including Manchin and Sinema, to vote for his nominee.

  3. Then I guess he better get to work on that!

  4. For what it's worth, I don't see it being an issue. Manchin and Sinema are fools, but they have been quite good at confirming Biden's judicial nominees and Biden's nominees have been surprisingly great. It's arguably the best part of his presidency so far. And if Biden indeed picks

  5. Not the labels trying to make a knock off Olivia Rodrigo. First the abc girl now this? 😭 I wish they knew that all the press coverage and streaming bot farms in the world aren’t gonna make a difference if the music isn’t great. These songs aren’t any better then the run of the mill SoundCloud girls.

  6. Fingers Crossed is self-released, she's not currently signed to any label. (Although that will probably change soon).

  7. Does mute/blocking on Twitter not work cuz I added Euphoria and all the characters and I’m STILL having it appear, specifically the blocked words, on my timeline. HBO REALLY wants me to watch this show with everyone else

  8. I had a similar issue and noticed I accidentally muted some words only temporarily. Now they're muted for good and it works pretty well. I just wish it would also prevent me from seeing people I'm following quote tweet accounts that I have blocked.

  9. Kanye is a misunderstood man you see. He’s just so forgiving and wants to give everyone a chance. Not because he has a God complex or anything like that.. it’s just.. all apart of his genius!

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