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  1. If voice recognition is set maybe that’s why it’s not allowing your mother? You need to have family plan if you want all users to be able to play their music or remove voice recognition so it does not know the user….

  2. Funny story about that! We do have the family plan, and whether it's YTM or Spotify or SiriusXM (the latter two we have tried in the past) it always queues up all music on my account and not my wife's, no matter what. She can even load up YTM on her account on her phone and use the cast button to play to a Google speaker and it's suddenly now my account.

  3. I do not have any advice for you, but you may be interested in checking out this webinar:

  4. This would only ever be possible in a universe where Nintendo does literally anything the way that would be most efficient. I feel like simply allowing all NSO members first dibs, one per customer would help get the most dedicated people the controllers they need to most comfortably play emulated titles. You know, the people literally paying extra for the emulated games you made the controllers for?! Why Nintendo, why?!

  5. Nintendo constantly makes me feel like they are actively contemptuous of their customers.

  6. Been using the ones you linked to for years and love them.

  7. Haha same, clicked on the thread to recommend Kasa. I have 4 and they've been working flawlessly with Google Assistant and SmartThings for ~5 years now.

  8. Meanwhile my UDM just told me I won't get the gear I need for an upcoming training because they dragged their feet on buying it for three months and now somehow the GPC can't be used until a month into the next fiscal year. 🙄

  9. Go take a survey at BYU. Do we need to change BYU to become more spiritual? Would that detract from the education mission of BYU?

  10. The school and its administrators do think very highly of themselves. I never had a single individual or potential employer that wasn’t Mormon applaud me for going to byu for its “prestige.” In my opinion the education there was unnecessarily difficult, and difficulty doesn’t necessarily mean prestige.

  11. I mean to be entirely fair, as far as I can tell the education is quite good for the cost [to a faithful seminary-completing member]. But the same is true of the state school I went to in NY and ain't no one going around comparing that one to the Ivy League.

  12. I always have trouble getting that spot to fall into place. Every one of my cabs I've had to finagle to get right. Just keep trying it will drop in place.

  13. I'll second this; I've built three of these now, plus a similar-style one from LEP1 Customs, and that one spot is always the problem child.

  14. I mean, LA sheriffs didn't mind driving 10-12 miles into Kern County to gun down the brother in law (or half brother? I forget) of that guy who was found hanging in Palmdale a couple years back. I suppose Victorville is a bit further outside their territory though.

  15. It's possible the dad shot her while she was running, he already killed the mom and had to figure he wasn't getting out of this alive. Dudes like that often have an "If I can't have you, nobody can" mentality.

  16. I'll just hold my breath while we wait for body cam footage and an unambiguous coroner's report, I'm sure that will clear this all up.

  17. Thanks. I found the one nearby on my 3rd page of results. It wasn’t previously for me.

  18. Walgreens and CVS have swapped who was in network a few times (right now both are but it has mostly been one or the other for years) but Rite Aid has been in consistently for a good while.

  19. No worries, I'm pharmacy and I still have trouble keeping up with it.

  20. I should have taken a's actually not there anymore. It was front and center on that page when I posted the link. I wonder if they caught flak and took it down.

  21. If you really want to know, he put in a lot of work in the late 90s/2000s. I believe he came up through the 90s as a DJ until hitting a break and getting a scheduled slot on 99.9 jamz. Around that time he was also fat joe/ terror squads DJ, associated with them for many years. he's in a couple music videos IIRC. Doesn't mean hes a hard worker today or for the last 15 years, but he did move his way up

  22. That doesn't really answer the question; you can work hard and still have shitty output.

  23. I recently stopped at a small town Dollar General, they had a sign up saying they reserved the right to refuse large bills. I was buying several items, my total was $49.24. I gave the cashier a fifty dollar bill, she claimed that she couldn't take it. I asked why and she said she couldn't make change. I tried to explain that it was only seventy-six cents in change and surely she had that in her register. She still refused. I asked for manager, something that I rarely ever do. Manager comes up and asks what the problem is, cashier says i am trying to pay with a fifty dollar bill. Manager starts to tell me that they can't make change, I stop her and tell her to ask the cashier what my total is first. Cashier tells her the total, manager rolls her eyes and takes my fifty dollars and gives me my change and thanks me for my business. I left as the manager was trying to explain why they could take the fifty in some cases. Common sense is in short supply, maybe it is stuck somewhere in the supply chain.

  24. Have you ever filled out one of the pre-employment questionnaires for a retail chain store? They reword some version of "is it ever ok to do something that is technically against the exact wording of a company rule" like twelve different ways, and if any answer is anything other than "absolutely not" your application is eliminated from consideration.

  25. We need you to be just smart enough to understand what the words mean, but not smart enough to question why or when we tell you to do something. Also no critical thinking, you have to be a manager for that. - Thier Dollar Genral Hiring manager

  26. This is literally how they hire. I know you were being satirical but that was basically literal fact.

  27. "In my defense I didn't know any of those bills were anti-vet because I can't read."

  28. White person here. Solidarity my friend. I apologize on behalf of white idiots.

  29. It's because demagogues will always find mindhacks to control people, and monotheism is a really effective mindhack that has been in use essentially continuously since it was invented in a very similar form because it's hard to improve upon "perfection" (in the sense that it is kind of a perfect weapon).

  30. Let me try the model: “I believe you could write this article better. And if you did, so many more people would read and respect it. Think about how awesome that would be!”

  31. "I'm not saying you're a bad author. You just write like one. How can I help you fix that?"

  32. This also assumes people would have actually made those payments which I think is a faulty assumption. A good chunk of people will simply never resume payments at this point. I appreciate that the CBO can't really work that into an estimate because the number and how much they owe is total guesswork, but it is absolutely going to happen.

  33. Not really relevant how clear the law is if they can get it in front of certain judges.

  34. I've never seen this show but I get the feeling I'd like it.

  35. I'm pretty confident through goose. I'd want to know how big of a dog is considered "medium" and if I can fight dirty. Dogs can be nasty.

  36. I guess the question is do they mean can you beat it or can you beat it unscathed?

  37. Man, that's blows, I'm so sorry to hear that. Mine finally came today, but now I'm starting to feel like Ill feel guilty for playing it when so many others are still going without.....

  38. It's aight, finally got a shipping confirmation about an hour ago. The tracking number is still too new to show any data but I figure I'm within a week of having it.

  39. Really? My order was direct, but I do live in So Cal and they have like 5000 fulfillment centers around here and my orders from them always get shipped right away and (supposed to be) delivered pretty much next day. Only weird one was the Star Wars 420 deal where it seemed to ship out like half the country away from me, yet another guy who was also about half the country away, had his ship out from a city that's only a few miles from me. Lol, oooooookkkaaayyyyy!

  40. I do miss living in SoCal and getting stuff super fast. But they haven't even sent my Blitz cabinet yet so I'm probably still well over a week away from having jt.

  41. Data was probably captured while the US had troops there. 30% of enlisted women are black.

  42. I dunno, man, whenever I have been deployed I've been on a VPN 100% of the time. As far as I understand any of that traffic is showing up as US-based.

  43. I’ve had 3 babies. The first two, I worked at a state hospital. The last, I worked at the VA. Zero paid leave. I saved up some vacation and sick days to use. Now, the VA has 12 weeks paid maternity leave. A huge improvement. This is sadly a real problem in the US.

  44. Working for the federal government (whether civilian or active duty military) definitely comes with a pay cut, but there are some pretty fantastic quality of life benefits these days. As a male I would get a couple of months off for having a kid, and that's in addition to 30 days of paid leave every year regardless which I could stack with parental leave if I wanted to.

  45. Sweet, sweet, awkward silence followed by changing the subject. It’s important for people who believe ridiculous things to feel ridiculous from time to time.

  46. Hell, I feel ridiculous most of the time. Which is fine because life is usually objectively ridiculous.

  47. In other words, "I don't actually understand what love is, but I'm going to go ahead and use the word because I feel like it's what people want to hear."

  48. Yeah, he says a lot of stupid things, but saying a lot of stupid things doesn't really neuter the array of evidence I laid out for him being intelligent. Remember---smart people can believe stupid things.

  49. Furthermore smart people can say stupid things to get stupid people to do what they want, which is about where I think Peterson falls.

  50. I agree with everything you just said, but you originally called him "a stupid persons idea of a smart person", which implies you have to be stupid to believe he's intelligent.

  51. Not necessarily. It just means stupid people think he's smart. Doesn't necessarily mean he isn't.

  52. Went to a craft store this weekend and they already have Christmas decor out. One of which was Grinch themed and had the quote from the book:

  53. It’s super invalidating because I grew up catholic and went to- and still attend, a catholic school. I have since I started school when I was three years old. I’m pretty sure I was catholic lol

  54. I feel the same way as an ex-Mormon talking to some members. I was born "in the covenant", Pervy Joe's cult was the only thing I ever knew. Of course I can be an ex-Mormon.

  55. How about the obsession w (usually middle but sometimes first) initials?!?!

  56. Extra letters give more syllables which almost sounds like you might have titles or credentials and be authoritative.

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