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  1. Sometimes I shit my pants at work and don’t notice until I get home.

  2. This is great, if u don’t mind me asking, how old are you and how long have you been making music?

  3. Thank you sm, I’m in my early 20’s, wrote my first song at 17 and kinda gave up for a while. Started taking songwriting more seriously during the pandemic

  4. That’s awesome, I really want to get into songwriting and singing but I felt like I was starting really late at 19

  5. Oh pleeeasse don’t feel that way! I have struggled with the same thing and it has been a huge barrier. That’s why I have given up and started over so many times. I think if you start late in life it’s so easy to compare yourself to other people, as you’ll still be going through the phase of making bad and awkward music that they made when they were 13 or whatever.

  6. I used to not like the toy too, but it really grew on me. Watering is one of my favorites off Capacity, but it definitely took a while for it to really sink in

  7. Some sort of stressed out basil.

  8. It has to be something else, like a genetic mutation, because why would the flowers look like that? They’re so weird and in like a huge clump

  9. Definitely some form of basil that’s seen some shit.

  10. You know how basil flowers have those little gaps, then a flower, gap, then a flower? The stem is like that all the way up until this big tuft at the top

  11. DUDE, THE FEELINGS INVOKED FROM THIS IS WILD! ahhhh dude for real this is amazing!!!

  12. This is beautiful. The idea of wondering if a seed took root, its journey. Did the seeds feel abandoned as they left my hands? The concern that is shown here, very heartfelt. I suppose we all want to see and know that our seeds were fruitful. Love the imagery.

  13. I LOVE when there is a meter to a poem, I feel it is a lost art and although it can be limiting it is so fun to read. I would suggest changing the last few lines to match the meter of the rest of the poem so that it flows consistently, I’ll be honest I was a bit disappointed after the exciting rhythm I was reading to have it be thrown off at the very end

  14. A trust I didn’t- and still don’t know- that I deserved.

  15. This is really beautiful. I’m still racking my head trying to understand it. At first I thought maybe it was about a young girl, because of the line “still a growing thing”, and the part about an act of courage made me think suicide, but later it says gray and white locks, so perhaps it is about aging? But then the end makes me feel it is about a rebirth. Either way the message is a bit unclear for me and i’m not sure if that was intentional. The flow of the poem is really soothing, and I love that the language feels honest and unpretentious, which is hard to find. I’d love to hear more context for the inspiration if you don’t mind sharing.

  16. Wow, I really loved reading this, thank you💗 I can really relate. I especially liked the expression of duality, of feeling like it’s a gift to be undesirable but also still wanting so badly to be desirable. Great work :)

  17. When people insist on one “truth” or only one right way of doing things

  18. Totally agree with this! I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed to many schools of thought in my life and what I’ve learned is we don’t know anything for sure

  19. FYI, they are absolutely misquoting the articles. The Fed isn’t trying to lower wages, but rather get wage increases back to the normal 2% to help inflation back to normal. If you want to know more, read the sources they linked or

  20. Thanks I read them and noticed that, I appreciate your comment to help others who come across this

  21. Very true, but the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft was active from 1919-1933, and was based on studies from around that era. I know nothing about sex change in the Holy Roman Empire. Many premodern societies had progressive attitudes to sex and gender, but Christian Europe wasn't one of them.

  22. Haha Sexualwissenschaft is difficult to translate. Wissenchaft has no direct translation in English, but I believe it is essentially the systematic pursuit of knowledge. The Instut für Sexualwissenschaft is generally translated as The Institute of Sex Research, or The Institute of Sexology.

  23. I did not expect an educational response but I appreciate it nonetheless ❤️

  24. My first big thief show was in 2017 and I was shocked to find Buck was gone. Had no idea why, thought it had something to do with a concurrent solo tour. However I think I remember reading this was when him and Adrianne split up, and that it was an intentional break

  25. This little line gets stuck in my head so often

  26. Promise is a pendulum, change, forgotten eyes, capacity, wolf

  27. Whattt I’ve never heard live young! Where can I find it?

  28. Hi! I’m a female from the U.S. and i just moved to Thailand actually and have been here about 8 months. I feel way safer here than any big city in the U.S. As long as you’re smart you’ll be just fine 😇 Culturally, just make sure when going to temples you have your knees and shoulders covered, but if you forget most sell little shawls you can buy or rent to go in. Other than that the Thai people are super friendly and I feel very safe here as a solo woman 😄

  29. Unrelated but Khao Soi is also my favorite dish and I’ve never been to Thailand. Can’t wait to have the real stuff on my trip next year!

  30. no literally i want to include so many, i feel like i should do it differently where we dont rank and just put a top 15-20 or something 😫

  31. I remember a couple years ago they did a “survivor” thing, maybe we could do that!

  32. i think i’m gonna do a new post and do something similar to this with like top 15 songs, but not all ranked just like ranked in groups of 5, so the top group gets 3 points, middle 2 points, bottom 1 point. maybe ?

  33. I wish men (and most women) understood how devastatingly painful my periods are

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