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  1. "They literally stopped me from eating foods that were shaped like dicks. No hot dogs, no popsicles... You know how many foods are shaped like dicks? The best kinds."

  2. This line was so much funnier to me since he was in Accepted dressed up in a hot dog suit yelling on a college quad "ask me about my wiener!!"

  3. And according to him, he's a cop who identified what city he works in. Used a homophobic slur, was overtly racist, disrespectful to every other cop in the video, and continued to make homophobic comments about a business owner/operator, then wraps it all up by ranting about Jews while drinking. Real genius right there.

  4. As to your question about Lake... some sources said Lake had distanced himself from Petersen. Who knows.

  5. What it sound like was Peterson had good mentor relationships with all the coaches in the athletic dept and that Lake didn't want anything to do with him.

  6. Some of your questions are answered in this Times article about the recently founded NIL program.

  7. He is also working with the Foster School of Business on creating culture in the workplace, and I believe actually consulting with companies.

  8. Looks like we have one Jake... we can add another who would also stack our roster of Sirmons.

  9. We don't even know what Riley can do with out being handed a National Championship competitive team. He might be a bust (not producing at a level of how much they're paying him). We will see how long it takes to turn USC around.

  10. That's a little bit of a stretch but maybe I'm wrong. Haener has some Browning/Minshew vibes.

  11. He was 8th in yards and 10th in touchdowns. His QBR was 45th but he is also throwing a lot of passes compared to most QBs (double the amount he did the season before with a better completion percentage)

  12. 8-4. Or is it 13 games? In that case 8-5. We have no answers for our offensive line problems other than new position coaches. And still no RBs. I don't fully understand why Haener is doing this to himself but I'm happy to have him back. Hopefully it works out.

  13. Offensive line might work itself out with a new system and scheme...and if Haener can put up similar numbers in the PAC12 as he did in the MWC he could get himself much higher in the draft. We also didn't need the RBs youd have in a pro style offense, they'll be more flex players and receiving backs

  14. Yep. There’s no way Huard can transfer..can’t name a top 25 school where he goes and starts immediately next year.

  15. I'm sure part of the hiring process was to find a coach that sets Huard up for success. Haener had over 3800 yards passing (8th in the country) and 32 tds (10th in the country). If he puts up those types of numbers this year we are probably seeing a bowl game...and if Huard as good as his 5 star rating he has a chance to put up record breaking numbers as a redshirt sophomore...and we probably see some better offensive recruits and transfers coming in.

  16. Probably on balance more important to have a good year next year with a good QB, for recruiting. Jimmy left the cupboard bare. Not much leftover for Sam unless we crush the trail next year. If he transfers...well can't really blame him.

  17. Yeah, the angle to Huard is let us put up some huge passing numbers and win with a QB that knows the system and shouldn't miss a learn the system front to back with no pressure and we're able to go recruit better pieces to make it better for you next year. Obviously this is after you let them compete for the job, but my money is on the guy who is 2 years in the system and doesn't have to think to make the throws.

  18. These men promptly escaped from their jobs in John Legend's stage crew into the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The Gay-Team.

  19. OP is gonna have to edit his comment for best joke about his trans van

  20. Lots of Twitter smoke on that cause he followed Softy today, would love to see it happen but we'll see

  21. Has anyone seen the official UW announcement video they put out on Facebook? It pretty was cringed, they brought a film crew and had him sign the contract at his house on the video and Jen gave Kalen a big ol hug.

  22. People think that since they can see open receivers from the camera view, that a 5’10 QB can also see, despite having 6’3 lineman in front of them. I’ll agree that Russ is late on a lot of throws, but there is a why. Just like the play where he missed Swain. There was an LB between him and Swain. Yes WE can see a 15 yrd window, but to a QB at full speed, that looks much different. Overall Russ didn’t play well. That I agree with. He certainly isnt playing confident.

  23. Yeah , I'm not sure the majority of fans know what it looks like at QB. Basically all you see is micro second windows of your recievers and coverage. You're essentially throwing to spots your reciever should be at. You can tell on a lot of sacks on Russ the passing lanes aren't there and he really can't see whats going on. In years past when the pocket was like that he would bail out, get where he could see the field and make throws. It would be cool if they put a helmet cam on the QB so people can see how chaotic the view is from back there.

  24. Watt was holding him by the jersey and yanking him around. Donald is straight up trying to choke out a grown man lol.

  25. TJ Watt also got fined earlier this year for throwing punches into a Seahawks player, "trying to dislodge the ball". But basically hit him multiple times in the stomach and head.

  26. I don't know how Luis Suarez was allowed to continue his career after any of his bites let alone all of them. If he were a dog he would have been put down after the first.

  27. Well whenever it gets here I’m sure we will welcome it with open arms.

  28. Thats why people didn't get the jab, so they could be good hosts for the new variants coming to the US... I guess we should've told them it was migrant trains and they would've wanted to do something to prevent it.

  29. Worse news for Oregon IMO. They feast whenever USC has down years, add UW into that and they usually can’t pull in the recruits necessary to get them over the top. We’ll see if they’re more resilient this time around…

  30. Oregon is building probably one of the nicest indoor practice facilities in all of football... they should have no issues recruiting.

  31. I want DeBoer. My problem with Campbell is that his teams seem to never finish the season strong and he has no West Coast ties.

  32. I think the culture shock is a non issue... DeBoer is from Milbank, SD. Campbell is from the same town as Don James in Ohio. He also won 3 D3 National Championship as a player and 2 as an offensive cordinator. He has done well in a P5 conference at a school that isnt easy to recruit to. The only thing about Campbell that is a downside is how much he has been courted by the NFL, so might be a short term hire.

  33. Can they just get the Jimmy-esque character on Always Sunny... like the phenom who peaked in high school...maybe he starts running with Cricket and the gang feels bad for him and restores his former glory as they shit all over Cricket.

  34. There's only two famous people I would probably ever approach... Tony Hawk and Bill Murray.

  35. So was that PI? Not that they’d ever call Bama for it

  36. I get the idea of 2 point plays, cause you're forcing a touchdown without giving a stat

  37. Holy shit... that is more than running into the kicker... way after his follow thru...of that was a hit on a qb thats roughing

  38. A Wazzu-Iowa matchup in the Rose Bowl has not been statistically eliminated yet.

  39. The Sounders did it the right way by offering their local/non-national games on free over-the-air TV. It's an open question what's going to happen to all the local broadcasts now with the new deal.

  40. I believe they focused solely on the Puget Sound region was wise in the begining, but I think not having a state wide live broadcast like on Root Sports or even partner networks was a big miss... especially when Portland and Vancouver entered the league.

  41. This is the first place I had Pho... I wasn't a huge fan at first... it wasn't til a few years later I went to another Pho place and someone showed me about the hoisin sauce, and adding Sriracha that I was all in. BTW, Pho King is the place to go in Tacoma... its on Hilltop.

  42. Are we talking about the same 509? From norpoint way tacoma to Des Moines is not for trucks and never will be

  43. That us the old route, its getting realigned with this project to be an expressway concurrent with I5 from the airport to the 167 interchange to the Port of Tacoma. Marine View D

  44. I’ve not heard that. I know they are completing 509 in SeaTac to connect to i5. And I know about the 167 extension. Do you have anyplace that says they are removing 509 from dash point? I find no reference to that anywhere

  45. SR509 will run concurrent with I5 they are building out express lanes thru Federal Way... I can't currently find it, but the original plan was to create a tolled expressway along I5. To the SR167 interchange. Either way...once they connect sr509 with I5 that will become its route to the sr167 interchange.

  46. And Jordan still looked dangerous when Brian took him off. Can't begin to understand why Nico came on for Jordan and not Kelyn.

  47. I didn't necessarily like Rowe not coming off when A Roldan for Benezet happened ...only justification was Benezet was on a card.

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