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  1. My eyeball during spring allergy season

  2. Look at it upside down. There's a genie coming up out of the smoke...

  3. Looks like a bleeding guitar... 🎸

  4. Please say you named him Petey!!

  5. Omg no. Have you eaten good Tex mex in Texas. Those places you named are awful

  6. I grew up in south Texas. If you go to KC Plaza, you can eat at Chuys (their TexMex enchiladas are close to what i grew up with). Otherwise, not much real TexMex in the region. You will find certain dishes that are ok at some places, but not really TexMex. Real mole is also impossible to find. You get hungry enough for it, that you'll try multiple places until you find one that scratches that itch, at least a little.

  7. In the Dallas area in 1998, I had an Albertsons grocery store with a live pianist on a grand piano. Does your Gucci dillons have anything like that perchance?

  8. Where was it? Down by Highland Park or up by the Galleria? Don't remember this one...

  9. 2 and 4 are my favorites. This project is really lovely!!

  10. Ok I found this reference also, but cannot confirm it. I am gonna say aspersand is highly sus

  11. Asperand is apparently a new word meant to solve the fact that the symbol does not have an English name. It’s not widely used. “At symbol” seems fine. In 100yrs it will get linguistically squished into atymbol or ambol or something

  12. Hmm, so why not ampersat? Another older name for the @

  13. Oh, those mullioned windows are gorgeous! Not very warm, but so lovely!!

  14. We called them buttercups. Try to smell one, and the tip of your nose will be yellow!

  15. Yes they're edible, i have one at my location and always eat them when i go outside, i dont know the english name but we call him "mora" or "zarzamora"

  16. My husband loves gooseberry/mulberry pie! It takes a lot, but he swears it is worth it!

  17. Nice pic, recommend zooming in to see those nice white sparkles looks like jelly fish at night

  18. The darker hen really stuck her neck out to teach her a lesson

  19. Stargazer Lilies. Should have a slightly strong, sweet aroma!

  20. Thank you! And sort of! The only sewing involved is the actual quilting. You have a bunch of tiny pieces of fabric with steam a seam on the back and you arrange them to look like a picture/object, iron, and then quilt! It’s a good reset that I do in between quilts when I need a break. There are some amazing ones out there if you search collage quilts. I am VERY beginner with no art background so it’s a learning experience lol.

  21. Isn't this an Emily Taylor pattern?

  22. It is! I linked a great book by her a little further down in the comments. Laura heinie is another great one. She has a really pretty siren trapped in a bottle I want to attempt one day when I’m more skilled. The other two I’ve done have been from clip art images!

  23. So pretty!! Keep posting for us!

  24. I have one! Good plant, but yes, move it away from pets. FYI, if you water it too much, it will put out new fronds with the leaves really far apart, and that kinda ruins the look. But it is fairly indestructable and thrives on neglect. Enjoy!

  25. Could try a moisture meter so you don't overwater, and they're about $10-$15. Only water the snake plant when the soil is dry.

  26. Why'd you suggest this... now I NEED to buy moisture meters.... thanks. Thanks a lot. :facepalm: Lol

  27. Honestly moisture meters are a complete waste of money, just use your finger.

  28. Uhm.... y'all are killing me!

  29. 3rd pic especially is giving Telletubbie vibes....

  30. New designer every decade or so trying to make their mark and still give the lady what she described....

  31. Looks like Mimi or ZsaZsa. Very glamorous, dahling!

  32. I've only ever used the molded plastic ones. Had no idea they still made any with individual feathers.

  33. Usually for pro/Olympic competitions, I think.

  34. I appreciate that! My friend says "I try to only buy fabric when I have a project and time to do it." And I said "well damn you don't have to brag." Hahaha. I just a little overwhelmed. The calming colors will help!

  35. You are totally not alone! I just bought some scrap bundles to 'fill out' the weak spots in my stash, which already will out live my ability to use it all!!

  36. Don't make 'em run! No one wants milk shakes with music!

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