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Being trans is not a mental illness

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  1. It's a shame it's ending. Is it true the membership of Austin Country Club is to blame?

  2. Fear Street Trilogy is what you're looking for.

  3. Oh yeah they’re a mess lol. Maybe someone can figure out words to work demo into and make the face stamp something cool lol

  4. People need to get over this he paid what they agreed to beforehand

  5. This is what's known as "pulling the ladder up." She got what she needed, fuck everyone else that's going through those struggles too.

  6. No. You can recognize a person's preferred gender without pretending they changed sexes... Athletic leagues are separated on the basis of sex... Not gender.

  7. The top is a picture of a cheap copycat hole... Not the real one from Augusta.

  8. I'd wager the staff gets weekends off, then they roll down on Monday for the Tues/Wed practice rounds and Thursday media stuff and then roll back on Friday to take their weekend.

  9. There's no rolling back home for the weekends when you're on your on tour. They have to be there and set up by Monday morning. They may get the weekend off in the next town on their stop, but they aren't "rolling down Monday and rolling back Friday."

  10. I always imagine the tour van guys in their giant 18 wheeler rig sitting around waiting for this shit to happen so they can jump into action.

  11. Huh, I guess now that they changed the rules, do the tour vans stick around for the actual tournament? I wonder how that affects logistics.

  12. I've already explained that this is only done on minors if all other possible options have been exhausted.

  13. If the underage females were trying to get insurance or tax payers to fund their elective surgeries, then yes I would object. If they pay for it themselves, more power to them.

  14. You made a point about teenagers getting breast implants, and when I said I wouldn't support their voluntary procedures being paid for via insurance or state health, you countered with it's allowed for cancer patients?

  15. 66 times more?! What makes this extremely huge difference compared to trans men? (Which means woman to man i assume)

  16. Probably same reason HIV is more prevalent among the gays but not the lesbians.

  17. No, but it is highly correlated with mental illness.

  18. Can somebody explain how grooming is associated with this

  19. The definition of grooming "the practice of preparing or training someone for a particular purpose or activity."

  20. "Grooming," like "woke," is a word with a specific meaning that's been twisted by cynical partisans to mean "anything I don't like."

  21. The actual meaning of grooming is "the practice of preparing or training someone for a particular purpose or activity."

  22. Sure, but the reason they are doing this isn’t for fairness, it’s to negatively impact a minority population. But keep bloviating about ‘fairness’ like a toddler instead of using logic and reason and seeing this for what it is. An act of malice.

  23. No, I disagree. You are assuming their intent.

  24. I’m not reading any more of a bigots diatribe. Hope that felt good to type out through.

  25. Not a bigot. You just lost an argument on the basis of logic.

  26. Personally, I would classify being trans as a form of intersex, making the group larger than that. But even without that, 0.018% is enough for something not to be a neat binary.

  27. See, right there in your first sentence you illustrate the core problem.

  28. It does not matter what makes sense to you. What matters is reality. Intersex has a definition. You don't get to change that definition, because it aligns with your hypothesis.

  29. About a year ago I bought a large jug of "Local Colorado Honey" at Costco. I was pleased with what I bought and found it to be high-quality honey.

  30. A while back an article came out about the high rate of fraud in the avocado oil business and it said which brands they found to be bad and which ones were actually legit.

  31. I can’t believe I cheered when he struck out Trout. Only time I’ve been okay with the USA losing internationally.

  32. It is acceptable to lose to a worthy opponent and be genuinely joyful in their victory.

  33. Why would they hate it? Chiefs have a long history of drafting great Longhorns... Priest Holmes, DJ, Jamaal Charles... Maybe Bijian's Dijian is exactly the sauce we need to go back to back?

  34. I know people who would not let their lack of a vagina prevent them from inserting one of these into their body.

  35. I know people who would not let their lack of a vagina prevent them from claiming to be a woman.

  36. He's calling him a dork. It's a reference to Steve Urkel from the hit 90's television show Family Matters.

  37. There is a narrative that while white people are moving away from spanking; black people "know" a good whooping is how to keep their kids in line. I do not know who pushes the narrative. Honestly both black and white people have plenty of people that think beating their kids is a good thing.

  38. 6 of my neighbors have kids the same age as my kid. 1 white, 1 mixed white and Latino, and 4 black families. 5 of the 6 families have the same values, standards for raising kids. The one that doesn't grew up in the hood, no dad around, and beats the living shit out of their kindergartner.

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