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  1. Kremlin: We'll take anything at this point to stop the hurt, but this deal is sweet.


  3. Stop giving Elon Musk the attention he craves.

  4. Propaganda is a powerful tool used by autocrats.

  5. Tesla owner here and an admirer of many of Musk's undertakings and visions.

  6. Cutting this short, in terms of what Elon Musk understands:

  7. Looks like they "borrowed" some ideas off a claymore mine.

  8. It's like cutting off a malignant tumor. ✂️🔪

  9. Unfortunately there's a lot of tumor left though. Step by step, I suppose.


  11. I’m not talking about that. Reread my comment. I’m talking how the pilot who was killed (and was 1st class pilot btw) had a lot of hours on MiG-31

  12. To add further insult to injury, the crashed Mig-31 was carrying a Kinzhal "hypersonic" missile when it went down.

  13. What would be sweeter about this is if the tanks they broke through with were the ones they captured from the first rout in Kharkiv.

  14. I'm pretty sure those donations participated in the action!

  15. All I'm hearing is comical kazoo music from the Russian side

  16. Russian defences is eggshell!

  17. Unrealistic that Russia would make a tactically sound decision. Although 72hrs may be too late

  18. Pretty sure that's one of the reasons why the Russians haven't used their nukes yet. The risk of nuking themselves is too high.

  19. ....and after that he can annex Kadyrov's goat.

  20. What did the tank shoot the HMMVV with? Is it...Potato?

  21. Probably a sabot round. Probably punched straight through the light armor and didn't dump any energy. Wrong round for the target. Think Taffy1 getting hit with jap AP rounds instead of HE rounds.

  22. Makes sense. I didn't consider that they'd use an APFSDS round but the tankers probably had that in the pipe and fired it off quickly instead of trying to unload it.

  23. As a Canadian, I am ashamed that the engine is made by BRP - Rotax, a subsidiary of Canadian firm Bombardier, even if the engines are made

  24. Civilian-use engines. Probably purchased through a strawman to hide the real buyer.

  25. I am no expert but I think it is more interesting as a source of intelligence (where did the components come from, how were they sourced, what do the implementation details say about the manufacturer and so on) than as actual operational benefits.

  26. No Canon EOS cameras in here. That's a step up from the Russian made garbage.

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