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  1. I grew up in the NI-CofC, and while none of my spiritual mentors expressed views like this for most of my childhood, I had several peers who did and it was an undertone that permeated several Bible classes devoted to “proving” the early chapters of Genesis as literal history.

  2. That's how I grew up too. To be honest the argument never stopped making sense to me: if the Bible is God's message to us, it must be perfect - why would he leave us a message that wasn't accurate? Why would a perfect God give us a message that wasn't perfect? To that end we used the Jerusalem Bible alongside the KJV so that we ended up learning a fair deal of Greek and Hebrew and Aramaic along the way so that was slightly different (and we migrated from Independent Fundamental Baptist to Messianic Judaism).

  3. God directed MAN to write the book, isn't this inherently imperfect. Mystery of god is mentioned so much, maybe that is the point of everything.

  4. How do we know that God directed man to write it? Men wrote that he did?

  5. I fixed a typo, with apologies.

  6. Idk, I thought that after the Wedding of River Song they got a lot sweeter. Particularly thinking of The Name of the Doctor and The Husbands of River Song. The problem is that the doctor is clearly bashful about that kind of thing, and she's sweet but not very saccharine - too strong for that. The romance isn't very Hollywood but I think it works for them with their very strong attitudes.

  7. If Ummagumma is S tier there is no sense in ranking anything on this scale anymore. Absolutely ludicrous. No. Stop it.

  8. You are taking St Paul out of context. He said that in a letter addressed to a particular community at a particular time? Do you know what the Romans did to disobedient slaves? It sounds like good advice to make the best of the life you have.

  9. The very thought of trying to control anything is alien to me. When I tried it was like trying to move sideways on a roller coaster. You gotta just let the trip do its thing.

  10. First: yes, fiat currency is a government's monopoly on money. And yes, the value fluctuates with supply and demand for it. And yes its demand-based value shrinks as supply rises. Yes, all of these things are true.

  11. Lol she is literally calling for Sunni states to conquer Shiite states by war

  12. Christianity is so psychologically harmful, wow. This hell idea ruins so many people’s minds.

  13. My favorite part about the hell doctrine is that it didn't show up until after the Greeks' Hades was a popular concept in the region. Like... Yahweh forgot to mention for 4000 years thatit was a thing, until the Greeks made it up independently and it reminded him to mention that he was torturing the vast majority of people.

  14. I know the "correct" answer is Hot Rats but the complex harmonies and surprising freshness of Sleep Dirt has never failed to please me.

  15. It's getting a little out of hand lately. Sorry, every Asian under 40, you're off limits now... 🥱

  16. Can’t speak for anyone else. All I know is what I know. And I know that Christ is King and the only way to heaven is through him. Like I said, I know I have personally felt the Holy Spirit on that day I chose to become saved through Christ.

  17. So you said the only way to heaven is through Christ, then corrected it to say it's the only way for you.

  18. I’m saying I can only speak for me. I know for a fact tht for me, the only way to heaven is through Christ. I personally also believe that is the case for everyone. That’s based on faith. But the feeling I had (which I attribute to the Holy Spirit) when I accepted Christ as my savior was that there was no other way for me into heaven than through Christ.

  19. I'm asking because I'm studying cognitive science, not to try to dissuade you. It seems to be that if you know it to be true for you you'd equally know it too be true for everyone. It's not like Jesus was talking to you alone, right?

  20. So by this logic all you really need is a surveillance state and God goes away.

  21. I sympathized with him for the most part, but when the Declan/Jack shit started I was officially pissed. I understood emotionally but at that point there was just no good reason to keep doing it, and anything that happened to him from them on I had no sympathy for. But... still, I was on the ride. I felt like I was being drained out, emptied of anything healthy. It's like Walt had a meth addiction of sorts too and was being destroyed just as badly by it as any other meth addict. By the end I just felt sorrow.

  22. I know what you mean. I grew up in a cult and while I'm fascinated by cults to the point I'm getting a masters in psycholinguistics and cognitive science, I can't watch Handmaid's Tale. I've tried but it's just too ugly for me.

  23. Probably you would not want to be prejudiced at all (or be as free from prejudice as practicable) against the subjects of your analysis-- that could yield some very problematic results.

  24. I mean, I can't help that there's some. If I'm going to actually study, I have to do so objectively with a good methodological framework and that will demand the kind of approach that inherently denies the validity of Christian epistemology-by-authority. Just the fact that I'm doing science, in other words, places me in a totally outsider frame of reference in which my epistemology and yours will be at odds from the very outset. Since mine leads to reliable results and faith does not (see: Islam, Hinduism, etc) I'm forced to not only have a bias against anything faith-based but also to presuppose that the entire project is predicated on something faulty. This leads to a dismissive prejudice that I have to constantly deconstruct at each proposition. Which is, again, one of the big reasons I'm here. I can't not be biased - objectivity demands I value sound epistemology and reject faith - but I can do my very best to temper that bias and make sure it isn't interfering with what's actually being thought/ said.

  25. I didn't mean you should consider faith/religion as an analytical method or system-- that isn't really in its purview. Religious meta-narratives are obsolete. I meant that a strong bias (especially a strong emotional bias) against the human subjects of your analysis could be problematic.

  26. It wouldn't even matter if the Nazis had been atheists because Nazism was their religion. Just like communism was Stalin's. Blind belief in an ideology is religion, whether it involves a deity or not.

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