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  1. I’m Australian and Graham is incredibly outdated here. I was shocked when I saw people posting about naming their baby Graham.

  2. In Japan, a lot of girl names ending in -ko. Akiko, Chikako, Keiko, Miyoko, etc. are considered as old-fashioned. But Riko is still a popular name for kids.

  3. Quanti Pia would mean "how many Pia" in Italian, which is weird

  4. Do you think you can record its call? Empids are kinda difficult to ID but calls can give it away

  5. This is the one at G Ross Lord Park, isn't it? Idt it grows leaves unfortunately

  6. Lol I like how the comments on this this sub are overall more pro-Lark than

  7. Poor Kevins. They don't seem to meet with any approval anywhere with their name.

  8. I know at least four Kevins (Canada)! No negative connotation here.

  9. Damn that's my mom's name and I debated using it haha. Moved to Canada years ago so maybe not!

  10. I live in Canada (Ontario) and have a friend named Josephine. I haven't really heard any complaints from her about this so I guess go ahead if you don't plan to live in Quebec!

  11. The only realistic way this will happen is if trudeau decides to call a snap election, which I think will only happen if trudeau sees pierre as hated by the general public. Even after a motion of no confidence, Jagmeet will continue to back trudeau. He pretends to hate the liberals but he will always stand with them.

  12. "Hydro Corridor Recreational Trail" is so funny yet it works so well lmao

  13. I'd be tempted to rename Dundas West "Roncesvalles" even though it's a couple blocks away from the top of Roncey. Or I guess you could call it The Junction!

  14. Not bad! The Junction surely goes with the neighbourhood theme a lot of the line 5 stations go for, like Keelesdale, Forest Hill, Leaside, etc.

  15. You have a common yellowthroat and song sparrow singing during the recording

  16. I definitely think so! The yellow belly and the bit of black on it's face makes me think yes.

  17. Kanaan is also good. You will probably be doing a lot of driving in the area of Finch between Dufferin and Leslie.

  18. My husband’s cousin (Korean adopted in America) named her son Raon, and Americans call him “Ryan.”

  19. I was just about to comment that there are no Common Kestrels in London, Ontario. So used to the city that it's the first London that comes to mind every time.

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