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Women vaccinated against COVID-19 saw a slight delay in their period of almost a day. The slight increase in menstrual cycle length is not clinically significant. Any change of fewer than eight days is classified as normal by the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics. N=4,000

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  1. They don't even sell any of the more interesting (addictive as crack) US flavours there

  2. What about peanut butter m&m's? They are the only flavour I have absolutely no self control with

  3. There's going to be a game made I hear. Maybe that's where it'll go next.

  4. What was the point of adding a song, or even making a commercial?? The fuck am I buying? Up close black man smiling BRRRRRRT! SPICED RUM

  5. If you don't want to abruptly end it now then don't. But if he's keeping his options open then it's fine for you to do so as well. You might meet someone you like better!

  6. We have that at my work too. The card has my name on it but neither the account nor balance show up on my credit reports, so the liability is on them. I'm required to pay it off 100% each month but it's fine as long as I'm timely at claiming expenses.

  7. There's a jackhammer outside my window. The sound effect is perfect.

  8. I am exact same as you woth the clenching and headaches. My botox only lasted about 6 weeks though :(

  9. I’m sorry you go through this too! People don’t understand how much it effects your day. Have you gone for more than one treatment? My dentist told me most people don’t get much relief until their second round of Botox and it should last longer then too.

  10. I haven't. My dentist told me the first round would last several months, so I'm sort of put off by what he says, and redoing it this often just isn't in the books. I'm going to try to see a specialist and see if working on my anxiety helps, but maybe I will have to go back to botox. It did work, albeit only briefly.

  11. We paid ours off when I was 42, having saved and made overpayments as much as reasonably possible when you have two young kids, then had a critical illness payout. It was definitely a sense of relief - being able to stand in the garden, look at the house and think “this is ours now”.

  12. You have a holiday property though, and generally it all seems like a good financial situation, happy for ya.

  13. Never understood why people are so afraid of these things. All they do is remove flies and small pests from the house, that's a whole hell of a lot more than my cat contributes

  14. No, but neither does the cat. Also the spiders pretty much leave me alone, whereas the cat claws the shit out of me if I pet her wrong

  15. That poor man. Nothing funny about that fall.

  16. You've been together long enough now that if it's not a hell yes, then it's a no. I'm sorry OP.

  17. There’s a bit to unpack here, but you’ve been with this guy for quite a long time. If you’re in your 30s and have been together for 8 years, you presumably met in your 20s. Speaking from personal experience (have been with my SO for 15 years and I’m in my late 30s), a TON of individual change, couple changes, and life experiences happen during this time and will continue to happen as your relationship progresses. There will be missteps, things will be nonlinear and won’t be perfect. My personal relationship mantra has always been, “is this still the person i want to work through challenges with (individual, relationship, life, etc)?”.

  18. Completely agree with all of the above except that, the wedding day might be somewhat ruined now. It does sound like she's got some issues to work through but also he needs to work on rebuilding trust or deciding if/what level of drug use he's ok with accepting. Putting a pause on the wedding may give some time to do the individual and premarital couples counselling, so they can both feel confident and happy to move forward.

  19. !thanks (to you and others in this thread). There were enough red flags already (bad parking, opposite a pub, been on the market for more than 2 months) in which this was the final straw and we've cancelled the viewing.

  20. Good. Too much external noise (I.e. pub) can absolutely affect your health and quality of life. Also be wary of buying near a train or a fire station or police station, or a very busy road.

  21. Doesn’t affect horses, though. Nowadays I mainly use them to limit spread around tapped trees, and mark entrances to hidden passages (e.g. on four corners and forest).

  22. What I have forest, where are the hidden passages??

  23. There’s one that connects the two hardwood areas, and one or two that lead to Grandpa’s Shrine in he northwest.

  24. Oh thanks! I knew about grandpa's shrine but now I must go find the other!

  25. Imagine aliens land on earth and this is one of the first things they see

  26. I was the exact same as your first paragraph. Same night as the booster, three days early. I have had similar fluctuations before though they are quite rare for me.

  27. I’m not sure how that makes it more expensive either. More expensive than what? The more times you have to staircase, the more you pay on solicitors fees I suppose, but it’s not too difficult to make that back just by virtue of paying less towards rent and more towards the actual mortgage.

  28. Not the OP commenter, but the 10% in terms of GBP increases as the property value increases. So 10% later is going to cost a lot more than 10% now, assuming the property grows in value.

  29. The only thing that has given me temporary relief is Botox in the masseter muscle. Without Botox, I take edibles that are high in cbd but low in thc (as in 5:1) which does not have the effect of getting me high (gotta work). If I have a really tough day, I sometimes have to chew gum or wedge my jaw wide open with a device for 5 minutes to release the masseter tension.

  30. What device do you use for this? I might look into doing the same.

  31. What's nextfuckinglevel is that there is a first world country where a college educated profesional in charge of the education of the younger generations cannot afford new shoes.

  32. Last time this got posted it said some students had stolen his shoes. So the other students to got together to replace them for him. Which might explain more of the emotional reaction.

  33. So you're arguing that more people should be deprived of their citizenship, basically anyone who has committed a crime you don't like? How's life on the conservative back benches?

  34. I think the point being made is that the law is going to be discriminatory. I.e. another reason why it shouldn't exist, not that it should be applied to more people.

  35. yeah like in theory i wanna go out, do stuff etc, but organising anything with friends as an adult is a nightmare, i work, go to the gym, do the housework and then Game/watch shite till i go to bed.

  36. Is there anything in your life that is causing you undue stress which you have the ability to change or take a break from? I was the same as you this time last year and realised I was burnt out and needed to change my work situation so I did. It has helped. A few therapy sessions did too.

  37. Satire? Fuck me. If a comet were to head our way today, I am 100% certain that the movie would be a documentary instead of a satirical take.

  38. Yep, actually just watched it tonight and totally agree with you.

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