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  1. Yes. Well, maybe I am overthinking this, but once at a little boutique in a casino resort, I was treated like a criminal because of my sloppy attire and overall look.

  2. No, I can't imagine store workers asking someone to leave their purse with anyone while trying on clothes, that's soooo disrespectful. You're not overthinking it.

  3. Dressed up or down, I'm mostly invisible - moreso as I get older - and I don't mind. Nobody bothers me. I generally just try to look professional at the office, but that's a rare day.

  4. I suspect necrophilic behavior is much more common than people would think, and is just almost never detected or punished.

  5. A guy in the UK was recently caught doing this. He was a maintenance worker at a hospital if I remember correctly

  6. Lord of the Rings I seriously just want to dress like an elf every day. It would make me happier than anything.

  7. I completely understand. I would love to be tall and magical and wear flowing, shimmering velvet robes in the woods.

  8. 280m years is such a small blip in time though, relatively speaking

  9. Agreeing with others- the pink dress with the platform boots for more pixie/punk faerie, or the white dress with some kind of headpiece for a high-elf look.

  10. As others have mentioned, there's not a lot to get. It's based off of a book of whimsical poems about cats by T.S. Eliot. The book doesn't have a plot, so the musical doesn't have much of one either.

  11. This explains so much. I had the same thought as in the comment you replied to. A lot of the songs had the same lines repeating in doubles which I thought was annoying as well.

  12. I sing the cookie song to myself every time I eat a cookie now

  13. Ma1 says:

    I think farts are hilarious. But most of mine are proof that I’m dead inside.

  14. When I was 7 I made a “newspaper” for the family. “Last Name” Times. The lead story was how my parents don’t have any money in the bank. I made/wrote out copies by hand and gave them to friends and family.

  15. Me and my best friend wrote a paper for our families.

  16. Of all the comments here, this one had me rolling! 🤣

  17. Serious question: 8 times more likely than what? Average person or average person in a domestic abuse situation? What's the baseline here?

  18. Than abuse victims who are not strangled. Its in the article

  19. As an Australian, I have to say that this is pretty common. Emus can be cranky bastards sometimes.

  20. It was an interesting article even if I only understood half the words. Oh yeah, also gangster rap.

  21. That was such a graceful faint. I'd probably just slump down and slobber on myself.

  22. I've never seen the other comics and I still don't care for this one.

  23. There are a combination of reasons that combine to result in those numbers.

  24. Also if the hackers mess up your data badly enough it's expensive to get it put right. Source: belong to expensive data-fixing company

  25. Yes! We just have it on top of our record storage. We debated hanging it but decided against it because we have a lot of art we need to hang up still!

  26. Well that's gonna look so cool with a bunch of art up on the wall there!

  27. Ohhhh I want to see more of this apartment! Beautiful 😍

  28. Out of curiosity, what was his brain surgery for? I hope this was not a side effect of a poorly-done surgery. And I hope your family member is doing better now.

  29. I'm so glad he made a full recovery! Definitely sounds like medication side effects or a combination of things - glad it was not the surgery. Thanks for the update.

  30. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to extend your leasehold before it goes below the threshold (which I think is 80 years but double check on that) otherwise it becomes exponentially more expensive.

  31. I have a white faux fur vest that I cannot part with but I have a NO IDEA what to wear it with. I think it looks chic, my fiancé says I look like a yeti hunter.

  32. My friend wore a white faux fur vest over a white shirt and orange wide leg pants. She looked AMAZING.

  33. Oh man! I love going to a Restaurant alone. Maybe there is someone nice to talk to. Maybe I just order 3 Desserts and no Main course. Maybe I just order way too much and eat it all. Maybe I read a book while waiting. Holy moly. There is so much possible when alone! I can do whatever I like best at that moment. I dont need to be chatty but I can be. I dont need to match anyones expectations but my own. Oh man! I love going to a Restaurant alone

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