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PoE is no longer a game about fighting monsters. It's about dancing around secondary effects, with some monster-killing on the side.

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Archnemesis Rare Changes (Part 2)

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  1. Wouldn’t DoT multi be better than Malevolence?

  2. kinda depends on how much DoT mult you have, and if extra duration from malevolence helps you. In general generic DoT mult is probably stronger, but even more difficult/expensive to target... mostly because there legitimately is no way to target it.

  3. Step 6, cant you just veiled chaos orb instead of aisling? Much cheaper

  4. veiled chaos could fill the prefix with a non-veiled mod, and if it gets filled with a caster mod you'd have to try an unprotected annul and quite possibly try again from the start. With recombinators making starting over a little more reasonable, it might wind up still cheaper, but at the same time there's only so many battery staves around, so starting over a bunch of times could eat up the supply there too.

  5. Just a thought, wouldn't swapping +2 socketed trap to +2 socketed support and put the aura link on staff better? This way you can still enjoy higher level main skills on chest link

  6. +level to socketed support is in the same modgroup as +level to all (insert type here) spell gems, they can't coexist. +level to socketed trap/mine gems is not in that modgroup, it has its own distinct one.

  7. We've had this since we had to dodge balls, do a memory game and play crash bandicoot while fightning bosses.

  8. The key difference being... those are bosses. Bosses are controlled fights, much more mechanical and scripted than map clearing. Even their bullet-hells and dances-around-danger are more reliable and predictable.

  9. If GGG put a poll out prior to 3.18 asking if they should integrate archnemesis into the core game, replacing nemesis and bloodlines, I think most people would have voted hell nahhh. I could be thinking in hindsight, but I believe there was even a post warning about this before league-start.

  10. I'm assuming they need to release it to get the data first to then review it for the next league. GGG has never been good at releasing a major change and having it work for the league it's released in

  11. They had ALL last league to get some data about things like immunities and build-breakers at a bare minimum. All ignored.

  12. There's a good mix of feedback in this thread that's appreciated. It helps us get a well rounded picture of people's views about this. Rare monsters in past league content is something we'll review for 3.19. In the meantime, we'll continue to review the individual balance for Archnemesis modifiers.

  13. So basically... in a patch touting even greater control of league content in maps, you ruined league content with an ill-designed and even more ill-tested rare mob overhaul and can't be bothered to fix it til the next league, but you also can't be bothered to get the archnemesis system no one asked for out of the game it's breaking in the meantime? That about sum it up?

  14. I mean, great, some immunities are gone.

  15. It's exactly the opposite - specific mods now enhance monster types' identities e.g.rhoas with steel infused

  16. A select few enhance identies. Namely the ones that mostly provide stat buffs. But that's just a handful or so.

  17. This is pretty much exactly right. There's some mods that just add damage or survivability to the monsters own core, but far more of them just do something that's operating entirely independently of the monster, like toxic, any of the striders, any of the -touched, mana siphoner, etc. For the most part in playing this league, i've barely noticed what monsters i'm facing, because it's far less important than what kinda archnemesis-based threats are happening regardless of that monster. I'm not afraid of the monster itself, i'm afraid of the teleporting lightning spires and volatiles and everything else having nothing to do with that monster's identity being thrown at me while i'm fighting it.

  18. Don't forget about drought-bringer's 'cannot gain flask charges'

  19. dunno if that'd work cuz you can't count on that modifier list being accurate in the first place, what with it missing things like toxic's volatiles, drought bringer's negation of flask charge recovery, and entangler's vines not actually being broken by ALL travel skills.

  20. it's gonna sound like a cynical take, but the reason is largely because it's much harder to defend against.

  21. Reflected attack/spell damage can in general be blocked with the appropriate block chance, or evaded/dodged with the appropriate chance. That's been the case for ages.

  22. is reflected damage supposed to be able to stun? Cuz i don't recall any other case of it doing so, but i very much have gotten stunlocked by effigy damage in act 5 before i had a chance to get brine king.

  23. We've released two patches with changes to Archnemesis mods since our last big post about them. You can find their notes

  24. How about removing drought bringer? Cuz my favorite build is still inoperable thanks to it, and i'm not gonna bother playing the game until that's resolved.

  25. You just need to adjust permanently and not run that map mod then. It's within the range that can be compensated, unlike the previous 15 charges per 3 seconds.

  26. except it also disables flask charge gain. No matter how many it drains, no matter how many flasks you drop for more flat charges per second, disabling gain via the aura is straightup deadly to flask gain builds.

  27. If it does, that's a bug. Or at the very least, GGG's list of the current Archnemesis modifiers didn't mention it, nor did any patches that have been released afterwards.

  28. Yeah, well, the debuff ingame still says it does, and in testing it out it absolutely does.

  29. They most likely do but bosses by default have 1200% increased quantity. IMO getting 200-450% additional quantity isn't that significant.

  30. Based on the pic, the topic of the thread is medallion drops, so that 1500 quant or whatever he has is irrelevant to the conversation, as it doesn't affect his medallion drops.

  31. What a waste of developer (and player) time and resources. This whole system should just be rolled back and be done with it, stop tarnishing what could be a good league with this unfit mess of a mechanic.

  32. It's only natural that they can't fix it all at once and need to release as they finish, but it's also fair to be disappointed that the decision to release the league the way it was caused a week or more of patches to bring it back from the state it was in. Possibly longer into to the league.

  33. They could easily fix it all at once, by rolling back to the old system instead of wasting both dev and player time with this mess.

  34. According to the official list of mods they posted, drought bringer doesn't block flasks (unless they forgot to mention it).

  35. still entirely deadly. Flask uptime builds can't afford any loss of charges, there's a very thin margin on achieving enough passive charge gain to keep them going.

  36. So... all ailment immunities still exist, Drought Bringer still is death for flask uptime builds, Entangler still breaks Dissolution of Flesh and ES/life recharge, Temporal Bubble still breaks cooldown-juggling builds, Vampiric still breaks anything dependent on leech for life/mana/es sustain or other effects that happen while leeching, Effigy will still kill you from offscreen, and most league content will still be broken.

  37. and generally overcapped resistances on top of those mechanical immunities. It's not just 'hey, this chill immune now renders my bonechill, hypothermia, and the defense from chill/freeze useless', it also makes the mob extremely highly resistant to the damage type, and for DoT builds that can't use penetration they've gotta get loads of -res debuffs to lower the enemy resistance, which might not even be enough to get them below 75%.

  38. That might've been the plan for it.

  39. Volatile and prox shield weren't fun either.

  40. They and their ilk also weren't on every mob. Or on mobs this strong/resilient. Or on mobs with additional nemesis mods. Plus archnem has stronger, much more annoying versions of prox shield and volatile, and pretty much every other nemesis mod.

  41. so now you can leap slam/whirling blades/shield charge to NOT break the vines AND take 10% life/es as damage for doing it! What a deal!

  42. Blight was when i left the game for a few leagues, my hardware couldn't handle the game anymore and it took a while before i could upgrade. Even getting to 24 with the terrible performance in that league was rough, but i slogged through for the sake of reaching that benchmark. Wouldn't really say I played that league much though. Think i came back to try again a bit in metamorph once blight's graphical excess was out of the limelight in the hopes that the perennial 'incremental improvements to graphics/sound/performance' would help but they didn't and iirc i didn't make it to maps.

  43. my profile is shppy, it's not private.

  44. effigy doesn't reflect damage you do, it creates an effigy that taunts enemies to it, and the damage they inflict on it is dealt to you as 'reflect' damage. You can't actually hit the effigy yourself. But the wording used in the OP description is pretty ambiguous and it's such a fast deathtrap of mod it's hard to tell what's happening in game, so it's an entirely understandable mistake.

  45. You mean lvl 100 with mirror tier gear on the most op meta builds

  46. If that's all it is, i'm still not coming back. The system should be reverted, period. You had 3 months of data on how rough it was when you could choose when/if/where to engage with it and be rewarded, and still screwed it up this bad, I have zero confidence you'll be able to tweak it right even if you had all league.

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