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  1. SC also legally recognised marital rape for first time (for abortion purposes only)

  2. Fact that you're being downvoted for this explains everything

  3. Whoever thought of these posters, give him a raise. Hilarious

  4. What picture is this bigot talking about?

  5. Need of the hour is strong Anti-defection law. Cancel the membership of legislators defecting without any exceptions and don't allow them to contest in any election for at least next 10 years.

  6. I meant elect the Opposition at the Centre. BJP has control of all these agencies because they're the govt

  7. Official language = Govt's language for daily functioning. That's what "official" means, it's not national language. So what does it have to do with ordinary people of this country to unite?

  8. English is also official language. Never heard him speak a word in it

  9. So this is why Atal Vajpayee's "India Shining" went nowhere

  10. I've never heard anyone call this govt "NDA 2". Modi govt is very different from Vajpayee

  11. Indiaspeaks wale chutiye hai, wo log ye bhi kahenge ke india is more woke than other countries and then boycott any idea of secularism and movies criticising their religion.

  12. Funny thing is they call others snowflakes, when any little criticism or joke about their religion fumes them with anger and calls for boycott

  13. Note the very low conviction rate: only 23 out of 3010. The process is the punishment here, especially since it's almost impossible to get bail under PMLA cases. With ED, CBI and IT-raids in opposition-ruled states, BJP has ramped up vendetta politics to a whole new level.

  14. Trying to unite the country is now seditious. Remarkable

  15. These are the same people calling others anti nationals, remember that

  16. Well RSS supported British colonialism, so hardly surprising

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