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  1. What's the approximate total distance of that?

  2. 2350 miles! (Vanessa Carlton eat your heart out)

  3. Did you put your source code anywhere? I’m also thinking of doing a similar challenge

  4. 23.2 miles! Which would have not been bad if it also didn't have 1500 ft of elevation gain 😐

  5. How did you do the Heathrow terminals? I didn’t think they were accessible on foot?

  6. Terminals 2 & 3 was a technical "fail" - you can't get into that one by foot, so I got as close as I could and then took the bus in. The other two I eventually found footpaths into but had to do some hunting (and a small amount of running on verges/a cycle lane for a tiny bit)

  7. The gif quality isn't great, so in case it isn't clear the ducklings have thin black stripes on their faces and necks.

  8. Not a duck. :) Its a great crested grebe

  9. Thank you so much! No wonder I couldn't find it on any duck identification guides 🤦 Apologies for the non-duck content on

  10. Routine: wash with Johnson's baby shampoo, condition with Simple conditioner, scrunch through Cantu hair custard, microfibre towel, diffuser dry

  11. Reposted because I couldn't handle the shame of misspelling 'equestrian' so catastrophically wrong 🤦

  12. I agree, I bought a starter kit for work and it came with an Arduino Uno, lots of components, USB cable and a project book including code. I have just made my first digital thermometer that can survive hot acid using the kit! (hot acid proofing not included)

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