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  1. Will see them for the second time tomorrow at Throne fest !!

  2. Couldn’t attend unfortunately but curious to have reports too

  3. Sooo good !! One of the most demonic sounding album

  4. Still one of the best Black Metal albums ever even to this day. Hail Mayhem !

  5. Enjoy ! Discovered them with this album actually will have to check out their older stuff

  6. Some great bands ! Master, Sabbat, Omen and Nifelheim is top tier stuff

  7. Pure finnish classic ! Clandestine Blaze discography is flawless

  8. Not fan of Wiegedood but wow what a beautiful place to see a Black Metal show ! Makes me think of Forest fest

  9. Might be worth looking into a festival called L'Homme Sauvage. I haven't been there (maybe this year, hopefully) but looks to have a similar vibe.

  10. Know that festival but unfortunately a little too far for me (8h30 minimum and 13h of road to avoid highway toll) knowing that the lineup makes me curious but is not what I prefer (I’m very old school/trve BM leaning). But it looks like a pretty unique festival in atmosphere !

  11. More a Death Metal band but damn they are good, putridity at his max level

  12. It seems to be only this tape that’s doing it

  13. Probably the tape itself that is damaged then :/

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