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  1. If you were one of the best players in the world (good enough to walk into any team), what team would you want to play for at the moment?

  2. Me reading this headline: Wait, the comment at the post-match thread said that the last time Juve shipped five goals was 30 years ago, they must have missed this defeat

  3. Kim Min-jae is gonna win his first European trophy before Son lmao

  4. In ten years football watching kids are not gonna understand what away goals were smh

  5. Napoli winning Serie A after losing Insigne, Mertens, Koulibaly, and Fabian would be incredible

  6. I'm gonna shamelessly plug Kim > Koulibaly propaganda when that happens

  7. Now this is how you demoralize your rivals for the title. Statement win from Napoli.

  8. constant whining about mods is right up there with constant whining about refs

  9. Refs at least get paid. Mods provide essential services for free

  10. I just rewatched the Euro 2020 final highlights and Pickford was so elite, especially in the shootouts, his save for Belotti and Jorginho's penalties were absolutely elite

  11. When are we gonna hear sacked in the morning chants

  12. Almost won the treble by himself lol

  13. 18/19 Messi was a force unto himself, I still remember that few weeks when he derailed Real Madrid’s entire season in the league and the cup

  14. Do you guys think Messi will win his 8th Ballon D’or? I personally believe so as Mbappe and Haaland are the only legit challengers imo and if Mbappe wins the Champions League so does Messi. For me he is close to a lock to winning the Ballon D’or, unless Haaland continues this insane form and City win the Champions League.

  15. Think it’s gonna be 1. Messi 2. Mbappe 3. Dude who wins the CL

  16. This is so good, I’m stunned that it’s my first time seeing this

  17. Dan Brown and Lee Child are panicking as we speak

  18. Juve when Inter and Milan win the title: I sleep

  19. Read the book as well, vastly preferred it to the film.

  20. I honestly can’t believe 14 months ago we looked like we were marching to the title, fresh off a CL win.

  21. Every Chelsea manager gets the drubbing against Man City they deserve

  22. Incredibly underwhelming movie in so many aspects

  23. According to 538, Barca now has a 65% chance of winning the league.

  24. I don’t trust them, but it is an interesting method.

  25. During the quarterfinals Portugal had a better chance because the matchup with Morocco was much easier (on paper) compared to France and England’s match with each other, plus Portugal had marginally higher ELO (87.9) than England and France (87.6, 87.5) because of their big win against Switzerland.

  26. Full fitness and a proper preseason could do wonders

  27. Yup most Korean parents are pretty neurotic

  28. We need to start brainstorming everywhere on how to save the world lol. 6th mass extinction event should mean state of emergency. We are genociding sentient life with our way of life, can't think of anything more evil than that.

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