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  1. Check out the Closetmaid Shelf Track system. We put those up in 3 closets and love them.

  2. And now that activist on blizzard is part of Microsoft…

  3. What’s the benefit of ordering through Dressup vs. Saddlemen direct?

  4. Just a warning. Stay away from GNI. Total slum lords.

  5. Gonna be hard with the bad publicity Armie Hammer has gotten.

  6. I mean how bad can it be, it’s not like he actually ate anyone, right?

  7. It can't do anything that requires an LDAP Auth. I don't believe it can do windows logon 2fa either from what I have seen.

  8. Hmm... I'll have to check into it again then. We had a call with our TAM and an Azure engineer and we're specifically told we can't use AAD for ldap Auth to get 2fa.


  10. One thing I know is they can reset my account password. and it do not allow me to add account recovery options such as my other email or phone number etc..

  11. I am an O365 admin. Default settings are that only you have access to your data, but an admin can give themselves full control at any time. Also, they may have Microsoft Defender enabled to scan for malicious files, as well as other scanners looking for PII like SSN and banking info.

  12. Why would they want to scan SSN and banking info?

  13. It's an option in O365 yo scan for that data for data loss prevention. Institutions have to keep control over PII for liability reasons. Whether or not they scan student storage is up to their policies.

  14. Kingdoms of Amalur re-reckoning might fit. It's a bit long, but definitely not like Skyrim. Has 3 dlcs as well.

  15. This isn't on Gamepass is it? Loved the original but I couldn't see it on gamepass

  16. No, it's not on game pass. It's on sale a lot though. I just picked it up for 25$ just before Christmas.

  17. Youngest of 3. I have literally been set on fire by my older brother because he got bored.

  18. If god didn't want you to be set on fire, he wouldn't have made you flammable.

  19. I wasn't. It was the hairspray that made me flammable.

  20. Wait was Halle Berry laughing without knowing why everyone else was laughing? She never turned and saw him?

  21. There might be monitors in front of her. showing what the cameras sees

  22. The factory closing will kill the whole town I think this storyline would still work today if you remade it. It's a buddy-buddy comedy and I think maybe that's been harder to find lately? It seems like all superhero movies and the friendship is based on that. This movie is wonderful. I always loved it and now my kids are just getting old enough to like it and that has made me so happy. I cant wait till they are old enough to watch the uncensored version

  23. Want a good buddy comedy? The Nice Guys. I freaking love that movie.

  24. A lot of people don't know this- I know because I used to work at a pizza place. Delivery Fees don't go to the drivers. Some places they get a portion of it. Dominos used to give you $1.xx out of it when it used to be $2.50. Then they switched over to a mileage based payment for the drivers (which a lot of times screwed you over as it was typically less than the $1 something you'd get unless the delivery was further away. The infuriating part was the delivery fee was going up, but driver compensation stayed the same.

  25. Perfectly balance, as all things should be. Nah, the second nut shot was money.

  26. Any Chace you can just put it on a tender overnight?

  27. No, the battery is beyond gone. Currently showing 11.6v while not running and dipping to 6v while cranking.


  29. Before 1796 and Edward Jenner’s vaccine (which was basically to give people cowpox), there was a long history of inoculation. Though, as that killed about 1% of patients, it never became a widespread enough practice to end the disease (and required a recent victim to be able to perform the inoculation anyway- so it tended to be used only when there was already an outbreak in the area)

  30. What's the difference between an inoculation vs a vaccination?

  31. Having to fork over 5k for a new AC.

  32. So the free 12 seconds is going away unless you opt in?

  33. Yes. It will switch to a thumbnail only. Good to note that you can opt in at any time, even after the date they specified.

  34. Oh no, they could do that. They just didn't want to.

  35. This was my team too. I specifically included Kelly because she's completely unhinged and you need someone like that.

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