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  1. As a fan of Agatha Christie, this should be interesting. Having not read the book this is based on, I’m curious if they’re aiming for a more serious take on her disappearance. Agatha and the Truth of Murder was a relatively light take on the subject, as was the Doctor Who episode.

  2. Very cool! Error handling can be difficult, so having this to code around it is awesome.

  3. he was the reason I always got excited when I got mail lol

  4. Boondock Saints I’m assuming. Anytime I see Greek or reference to an exploded cat I think of that movie lol

  5. Why is this unbelievable? Elizabeth Banks has done a ton of comedies. She also was Rita Repulsa... I mean never underestimate her.

  6. I really loved that power rangers movie, and wish they would make a direct sequel.

  7. Look Vegeta, it's a Pokémon. I'm gonna catch it.

  8. Maybe make the wake word detection reliable good? Sometimes we can stand right next to ours and say echo 20 different ways with no response, but let someone in a different room say oh no, or stuck toe, or anything that resembles the word Echo and it'll waken up no problem.

  9. You would probably have better luck using the actual wake word, which is "Alexa", not echo.

  10. I changed my wake word to echo, so that wouldn't help me at all.

  11. I would never go from M365 to GWS. GWS is a sub-set of what M365 can do, and the ecosystem in M365 is much richer.

  12. We have a few applications that only support LDAP/S auth. Can datawiza act as a proxy and allow auth/mfa through Azure?

  13. History’s greatest monster, sure he made Home Alone but I can never forgive him for subjecting the world to Bicentennial Man

  14. Well I want Iran banned but cause they are a Fucking Bitch.

  15. Not sure is xeo ever was. I never was so I can't say for sure.

  16. Might make it, but open source? Reddit will judge my code!

  17. Crappy ui, bloatware and the occasional OTA, vs stock Android, no bloatware and monthly OTA's. No brainer for me

  18. OneUI is actually nice. I guess that is a preference thing.

  19. Confirmed. Parks & Rec. Spouse and I just did our 3rd or 4th rewatch. So so funny.

  20. It is literally the funniest show out there.

  21. Yeah dude, six month dad here and the first thing I learned was to wait five or ten minutes after the last poopy sound before starting to change him - that bomb is still potentially live

  22. 2 year dad here. Definitely gotta eat a bit, specially if they haven't been eating high fiber foods. It can take a while to work out

  23. I'm a monster who uses and Anker vertical mouse

  24. Haha, yea it's the angle. Combo of taking the picture straight down and how I hold my thumb weird because it locks up on me

  25. You sure it's not a carrot? Have you tried biting it recently?

  26. Get as much Live subscription time on your account as possible. Up to a maximum of 36 months.

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