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  1. I feel like he followed the process. But fuck me he's bad at communicating it.

  2. I feel like they've taken a snippet of everything he said to make a click bait story.

  3. Was driving down great south road the other day. They've added a T2 lane on the left of each side.

  4. Once you have a Stroad your options are limited.

  5. How about investing big in trains or dedicated new bus roading like they did for Panmure. Half baked small changes aren't long term gains.

  6. The media attack all PMs. Ardern was no exception. Outlets like Stuff are terrible and really should be called out for their rubbish.

  7. You know people were sentenced for threatening to kill Key right?

  8. I started taking screen shots of grammatical errors in Stuff articles at the start of the year. I was gonna make an album of them after 6 or so months. My phone ran out of storage 2nd week of January.

  9. Considering they don't work... I'm not surprised.

  10. Breaking news: finds out school holidays exist

  11. Shit search engine too. Really frustrating

  12. Wait. America isn't the center of religion?

  13. Guptill is insanely washed lmao. Allen was shocking last 2 games, but literally nobody looked like they could hold a bat except Conway, Bracewell, Santner all series. Will Young is the only other option.

  14. Phillips to open instead then. Bring back Neesham down the order. Never should have dumped him either

  15. I'm a big fan, but Neesham hasn't looked in good form for a while

  16. And choosing Tickner and CDG over him wasn't any better

  17. I’m sure this is a US video, and it is an aftermarket headrest with a gun safe in it.

  18. Can they boot Turkey out of NATO already?

  19. The oppisition treated her like shit and now want to apoligise for letting there dogs lose. Wow what a pack of shitbags.

  20. That's a bit much. The nut case public treated her like shit a long with the media outlets like

  21. We've done this already. It's the silver fern. But we can't have it because of copy right.

  22. When compared with seven other politicians. Major drama title.

  23. Pisses me off that news is now the opinions of idiots they're trying to make into celebrities. Why do we care what this guy says exactly?

  24. Doesn't help that OP decided to project this guys BS even further

  25. To be fair, a lot of people post BS Stuff links here too. We need to (as a country) really start rejecting shitty journalism everywhere

  26. The same team that he's now leading which no one really liked?

  27. Who is Michael West, and why do I care about his opinion?

  28. Can wait for Hipkins to be the only minister in parliament soon.

  29. I wish all politicians recognized when it was time for them to move on.

  30. They're both a bit shit. Can the public name them instead?

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