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  1. I don’t know if you will count the justice league movies but justice league doom is really good

  2. Batman was the best part in end game imo.

  3. Are you talking about the theory that states Jimmy Hopkins is James Earl Cash from Manhunt?

  4. Yeah, that theory makes no sense too. Bully most likely takes place during 2006, when the game was released but it is unclear when the game truly takes place. Even if Bully takes place way before the Manhunt games, it is unlikely that Jimmy Hopkins is James Earl Cash and ends up slaughtering more than half of Carcer City. Jimmy Hopkins was never a saint but he had a heart and he always stood up against injustice. He probably ended up being a Police Officer or trying to fight for greater good. There is a theory I like much more though and could be true which states James Earl Cash is Jimmy Hopkins' biological father. This is more believable and at the start of the game, Jimmy's mother is with his step-father, not father.

  5. I think rockstar made bully’s time frame vague so that people from different generations could resonate with the game more if that makes any sense.

  6. Purple 1, Blue, Blue or Purple 2, Green, Green, he steals opponent’s colors

  7. Do you hear what happened to Gavin online?

  8. Did he get called out for some racist comments?

  9. I think the 13th and 16th images look really good imo

  10. I hate it when some big bowl of fuckarooni and cheese thinks its a good idea to be 2 centimeters behind me, give me some space on the road.

  11. Oh you can’t do this to me, I turned off the live sex feed, YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I SACRIFICED!

  12. I saved Harvey because I thought Selina could handle herself since she does a ton of dangerous stuff to begin with

  13. I know the XB1 and PS4 versions are at the GameStop in my city for $80, which is why I don’t play it. Oh well, just the fuckin’ way she goes.

  14. $80? For the standard edition the premium edition right below the now edition was $100 for me I did buy it digitally though

  15. I live in Canada, most games cost around $80 at release

  16. That makes more sense I live in America so I get really used to $70 new games

  17. I can’t even think of another movie that’s close to morbius

  18. Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, that’s what you’ve chosen

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