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  1. Lovindamusic76 & Whitney Houston,

  2. Find the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter and hide under it. Forever.

  3. My guess is - Hillary resents her parents, Dave more so than Kath, and DJ Jeremito is dark-haired and would fit into the whole Spanish grift better than if Orville Redenbacher Dave walked her down the aisle.

  4. Larry Boston and her popcorn emperor father…

  5. Never being pregnant also helps a lot with stretch marks.

  6. Katt Williams, thoughts on stretch marks?

  7. Unless it breaks a sub rule or the mod says not to, you post whatever you want. Especially if you actually have tea! Please post damning info! I love to see it.

  8. Thankfully things have changed for the better in this sub, and the pep in question and how they “disciplined” me, I now see the situation for what it was. I think that member had taken on the duties of being a mod without actually being one.

  9. One thing I’ve noticed that is stomach-turning is Alec’s seeming obsession with Carmen. The receipts are all over this sub

  10. Hey Hillary, I work in a Boston skyscraper. I can see your childhood house from here!

  11. This attempt of hypocritical support from Cuomo seems desperately random…like the elaborations of a bad liar.

  12. This…portrait…it’s not going help sell the Hamptons estate:

  13. Michelle Who? : Ricky, what do think of my photoshoot?

  14. Exactly. Hilaria never graduated NYU and at best took a few clases. We know Hilaria has no problem lying about everything. Her degree would be front and center if she had one. She doesn’t.

  15. Hillary didn’t graduate but she and Alec made sure to

  16. He's sooooo sweaty his shirt is a different color!

  17. It amazing how huge her boobs got just by “swimming” 🤣🤣🤣🤡

  18. He already has the Hamptons house over priced by 10 million. lol.

  19. They chopped $4 million off recently

  20. It seems like Dr. Oz scrubbed Hillary from his Youtube channel, but I had

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