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  1. I’ve run out of words to describe this idiots narcissism

  2. Do people still read newspapers? I use them to grind weed and pack a bowl.

  3. Why are people badmouthing SKY’s performance in ODIs? He generally walked in the crease when India was past 300 and 6 overs were left. As needed and expected he attacked the ball here and there and eventually got caught out. He played for the team, not for himself (unlike Hardik).

  4. If you were already planning to quit, then why this after thought?

  5. I was planning on quitting my earlier job, but they put me on a PIP so I had no option but give interviews and switch. With my new job I have almost doubled my salary, and CapG is well-known company so I don’t want to lose this opportunity.

  6. An eunuch tried to touch me once while asking for money (tried to tap my hand) and I immediately moved back and he/she was slightly miffed at that. Idk how they feel they have the right to touch someone.

  7. Elon thinks he is triggering the Left but he is only publicly giving examples of his stupidity (like Trump)

  8. I’ve always felt that India has adopted the worst of America, while not adopting the good parts of American work culture. India is a little brother that just follows in the US‘s footsteps and we get most of our business from there. The only consolation is the cost of labour, due to which Indian layoffs occur only when the company is doing terribly. Why would Google or MS lose out on cheap labour? Just hope that other Asian countries don’t overtake India that’s all. Because without IT, we only have sarkari jobs in India. Even Indian startup’s rely on American consumer markets to be profitable.

  9. “I’ve always felt that India has adopted the worst of America, while not adopting the good parts of American work culture”

  10. Mumbai is in the name but still it’s not in Mumbai

  11. Apart from things like being professional, writing emails and presenting yourself well, I feel this one is important based on my experience— don’t let non-technical people (like Project Managers) bully you. When discussing a feature, always speak in heavily technical terms (the devil is in the details and someone who isn’t technical will realize he doesn’t know Jacksh$t and will subconsciously respect you more) preferably with senior developers or technical architects. And if you unfortunately get a PIP, start looking for a new job IMMEDIATELY. PIP is almost always a strong intention of firing you.

  12. I was closely relate to your points. Can you please tell what PIP means?

  13. Performance Improvement Plan— a warning that you have to improve your performance by the end of the next month or else the company will fire you. It is supposed to be a productive feedback, but in reality it is an often an excuse for cutting costs. Amazon is infamous for that.

  14. Is scrum master same as BA? I was a BA for a short time (3 months) before switching companies and going back into development

  15. Sativa/Indica is just a marketing strategy, scientificly there is no sativa or indica, there is the cannabis plant with different proportions of the X canabinoids and depending on what of them are more dominant , besides thc, the high will change. Its not like there is a chemical structure or molecule which indicates its either sativa or indica, if they check it in the lab they cant tell u if its sativa or indica, only the amount of the different cannabinoids.

  16. I am developer but want to work in healthcare industry so doing an MS in health informatics to enter the field

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