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Non-Americans, what is the best “American” food?

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just landed my dream job... to teach people about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals at a natural history museum!!!

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Trump-backed Rep. Madison Cawthorn concedes North Carolina Republican primary race

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  1. The problem is that OP isn’t clear. He needs to be direct and tell it like it is. /s

  2. We really just gonna forget this was Nunes’ first fight after contracting Covid? Like, that shit is awful on the lungs. We don’t know how it affected her. People experience layover effects for months, sometimes over a year.

  3. Complete agree - she was an assassin in all her other fights. Got Covid and gassed in round two in this one. I don’t think that’s coincidence.

  4. If you like this kind of stuff I think you will like "carrot in a box"...

  5. I had a room mate move in from Sweden years ago. I can tell you what WASN'T his favorite thing. He thought pumpkin pie was nasty as hell and too sweet. As an American this is blasphemy.

  6. I miss Seattle teriyaki. I’m in Texas now and love the BBQ. But the sushi and teriyaki is subpar

  7. My Danish spouse loves barbecue from either Luling Central Market or The Salt Lick (Driftwood). And NO the brisket isn't dry.

  8. Micklethwait is an underrated BBQ spot in Austin. The brisket and other meats are very good, but the unique sides are what separates it. Jalapeño cheese grits and lemon poppyseed cole slaw

  9. Ignoring teeth problems. I had a filling that fell out and I ignored it, worst pain ever. Cost me a lot too.

  10. My mom had a friend who died from a tooth infection. I’m not sure why she didn’t go to the dentist, but that must have been a miserable way to go.

  11. He had a legit shot at .400 in 1994, IIRC. The strike really fucked him that year. It also fucked Montreal.

  12. yesss!!! my love of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures has been the one constant in all the places i've lived, the natural history museum has always been my favorite part of the city!!! whether it was the boston museum of science or the field museum or the american museum of natural history or the smithsonian... it would always be my favorite place to be! i cant believe i actually get to work there now!!!

  13. I love your enthusiasm. You are definitely in the right field. You’re going to be fantastic in your new role.

  14. So Waterworld, Mr. Brooks and Robin Hood are all getting votes. I’ll add one more Kevin Costner movie: A Perfect World.

  15. In a good rate with law- less countries which are in war for years. What is the war in US?

  16. The Texas politicians proved themselves to be useless and only wants power over actually governing the state. People deserve better. Vote these motherfuckers out, Texas.

  17. We’re trying. Beto is getting monthly donations from me. I hope we get a good turnout to vote.

  18. I, having a fucking stroke and died, tried reading this godawful title.

  19. How did this happen!? This guy was a shoe in!! I mean he can destroy trees just by punching them alone. Not to mention how incredibly smart he is and completely not racist at all. (Do I even need to add a /s here?)

  20. And yet he almost won. The winner had 33% of the vote. Madison had 32%. Many still voted for him.

  21. And yet he still got 32% of the vote compared to the 33% of the winner. Plenty of people still voted for him.

  22. This is the top one for me, but his fall from grace for me happened many years before his domestic violence allegations.

  23. That sucks. I had a similar situation with Jordan when I was 13. I won’t say he’s a dick just for that - it can be tiring as an athlete. But it hurt.

  24. Since this thread is kind of a downer, I'll share a story from the opposite perspective.

  25. That’s a great story and a fantastic pic! Thanks for sharing. And even though I didn’t get Jordan’s autograph, some of my best memories are of my dad taking me to Mariners and Sonics games. Baseball and other sports are such great ways to bond with friends/family.

  26. Reminds me of the garlic candy I used to give my cousins. It had a sweet exterior, so they liked it at first. But the inside was garlic.

  27. Justin can still win the belt and be champion. It’s vacant. But Charles cannot

  28. You can’t compare a city like Seattle with ONE team with Spurs/London! London shares fans among Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham, Millwall, Palace, Fulham, QPR, Watford and a pile of lower league clubs.

  29. Yes, I thought Companion were great openers. They have a mellow vibe but they really connected with the audience. It's their first tour and they are good storytellers. I thought the crowd was into them more than most other opening bands.

  30. Headline should read “Netflix’s stock has pummeled- destroying employee morale”.

  31. remember the old rule: "Don't put your dick in crazy"

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