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  1. BGG rating is a weird thing, the top 500 doesn't include any bad games... but that doesn't mean that everything below that is bad or not good..

  2. Keep in mind, FH is not really out there yet, only a small part of the community has FH, and that part did not really have a lot of time playing it. I think if you look at the BGG rating in a year or 3, FH will have surpassed GH or at least be on-par. But this is just my expectation, and I haven't even played it yet... (only prototypes print to play etc)

  3. Nice! But how come you both have no cards in a discard pile?

  4. Love; TMB, AH & UFS. How are, sector and death angel, the boxes look amazing!

  5. Looks awesome, did you record everything live? Of is it recorded layer after layer?

  6. To me, both feel more like a logo for a website, than for a game.

  7. I love the idea! I did a pnp print myself and it costed about 40 euro. But I had to do all the cutting, pasting on cardboard etc myself. I think that 109 euro is an extremely fair price for such a big bulk of cards & cardboard etc.

  8. Btw, I did not print the books for rules and scenario, nor the monster ability cards.

  9. I know it's a joke and all, but no way in heck is anyone planning on playing it on a little table in the camper after picking up the box, lol.

  10. Our first few games were on a small table in a camper van! Only 2 players but still amazing and doable.

  11. Really nice, perhaps an stupid question, I see a lot of mpc users also use the sp404sx, what exactly does it do in your setup?


  13. Thanks for the link, but they are not in there!

  14. Yeah I think I had the same files initially, but when I re-visited this link:

  15. Awesome! The only component I was missing in my box was one character's perk sheet so this'll be useful while I wait to get a replacement sheet.

  16. Yes, good ones, I'll fix that tomorrow.

  17. As my GH group plays mainly remote (started RL, but covid made us switch and we enjoy our weekly remote physical game of GH)

  18. I created fillable pdf Party Sheets for all classes, I've submitted them to BGG files, does anyone else here would like to have these?

  19. You can also buy jaws of the lion for 5 additional attack modifier decks, you know you'll buy it anyway ;)

  20. You can 'pause a game like Gloomhaven and get back to it without having to put it away every time.

  21. Or for example, set up a big game before your friends come over (like the night before) so you can directly dive into it.

  22. Including that is a bit disingenuous for a comparison like this. It's like comparing the all-in price of one KS campaign to that of a completely different one...

  23. Perhaps without the Trail of Ashes the price is a bit more favorable, but to me the miniatures for the players are a almost a must. Don't get me wrong, I really do not want to put any Hate on CS, the way we play GH at the moment I will most likely enjoy it by printing it locally. I have a ton of respect for the CS team and what they did. But it's just that for me personally, the way I would want to buy it (all-in) is at a price range that I personally cannot justify for myself.

  24. What do you mean? You know they shipped to Europe right? It's just delayed a little (should hit port July 7th per current estimate).

  25. Correct, but it's quite expensive, $257 and adding $81 for shipping and VAT, you are looking at $338 in total, more than FH+GH+shipping combined. ($100 = FH + $100 = GH + $109 = shipping for both and VAT = $309)

  26. Damn where do you live that water is so expensive? Where I live you can get a 1,5l bottle of water for 25ct without the 0,25 Pfand.

  27. In the Netherlands you have options for (around) 1 dollar:

  28. I only have the base game atm, and I played Picket 9 times, Boomer 8 times and Patches and Tantrum 7 times. Not all true solo, some dual handed. And there are some skill dice I usually do not pick, but when I do I'm often surprised by the impact on the gameplay these "alternative builds" offer.

  29. Do you feel like you're already "exhausting" Picket/Boomer or are you still excited to pick them up?

  30. I think it's divided across 16 games, I do not feel the exhausting of any of the classes, especially because they play well or challenging vs different tyrants. But like

  31. Really nice, any plans to add the FH x JotL classes in the build as well? (one optional thing you could add is the switch between the normal GH and the FH style created by

  32. 😂 Checkerboard all the way down... 🏁SKA FOR LIFE CREW🏁

  33. Ever try to make some ska tunes on the mpc?

  34. I get that you have two sides to play, but I cannot find on the player mats describing that you need to swap mini's when swapping sides, is there a clear way to know what the sides are on the mini? Like the side icon or something?

  35. You're meant to swap the minis whenever you switch forms. The player mat describes this using the same symbols found in the mini tuck boxes.

  36. Thank you! That's great information! Hahaha don't know why this was haunting me!

  37. This is great news, my PC's less than great performance has been a major obstacle in the enjoyment of the game for me.

  38. same goes for me! It's a shame we are not able to really move graphics and reflections and smoke and all that stuff down or off.

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