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Tucson police officer fired after fatally shooting a 61-year-old in a mobility scooter nine times

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Cop arrests fire fighter in the middle of tending to a wounded civilian because fire truck was 1 mm over the line.

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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

  1. The reason they do this and other things is because they have been aloud to do it with no or little consequence.

  2. Half of the country thinks it’s government overreach to stop these brave patriots from killing pedophile elites at this planned parenthood.

  3. Ultimately more human suffering, pro life my ass.

  4. My buddy who has never played Warhammer total war came over and was glued to the TV watching Legend today.

  5. The fact that there are people out there who would actually do this is physically sickening to me.

  6. At a previous job there was a trans woman and one employee refused to call her by her chosen name and management made is real clear that wasn’t accepted. I don’t get the resistance to calling someone want they want to be called. Hell if your name is Ralph and want to be called Frank, who cares?

  7. And...? Sounds like a shitty place to live then.

  8. If I liked someone and they couldn't even do basic hygiene before seeing me I wouldn't be interested in them for very long.

  9. What’s the deal with this subreddit latterly?

  10. Maybe that's what they are into... who are we to tell them who they should be catcalling?

  11. Different dude with long hair, now with masks they don’t realize you’re a dude at first, or at least I think. Since I’ve grown my hair out, it’s crazy how often I catch men staring at me like I’m meat.

  12. Damn ciri... Makes me wonder... Edit: lol guys I am talking about the actress, don't know her name. Anya/Freya

  13. AnnieCiri is kinda young, we try not to sexualize her.

  14. "Kinda young" as "20 years old"?

  15. Providing you're being paid properly I'd take a free sack of spuds. I used to work at a construction company and one of the workers had a pistachio farm and for about a month we'd all get tons of free pistachios. Another guy had tomatillos and would do that as well.

  16. I just finished breaking bad and el Camino and I love them! Should I watch better call Saul?

  17. That's one thing that bothered me with this, I've never been in a shop that had loaded weapons on display

  18. I’ve been in gun shops with hundreds of guns on display, how would I know if one was loaded? Providing they’re not using chamber flags or zip ties or whatever that obviously show it’s not loaded.

  19. It’s a lowes, go find a couple 2x4s to put in front and behind the wheels.

  20. This was in Arizona. He'll be Governor in no time.

  21. just wait till you bring up master and slave cylinders!

  22. I watched a thing about buying real estate last night and apparently ‘master bedrooms’ are called ‘primary bedroom’ now.

  23. I was at a training course for a certain brand of robot, and the instructor said "dead-man switches" are now referred to as "living-person switches", and I'm still not sure if he was screwing with me or not.

  24. Except those are completely different things? Or am I missing something too?

  25. Amen, head nods can make two people become gym bros in an instant

  26. After a week or two you might be fist bumping. No idea what their name is but who cares?

  27. People really have no idea what socialism is.

  28. Technically they did want the 'people' to own and benefit from the state, and by 'people' they meant aryan families exclusively. Not exactly what socialism is really about.

  29. They firmly believe that even when they're wrong they're right. That just because they got all the details and facts wrong, we should all just accept the spirit of their argument as being right. They're "passionate" about it and that's got to be worth something, right?

  30. While unironically yelling 'facts don't care about your feelings!"

  31. Exercise is one of the best hobbies when you’re feeling depressed. Gives goals that you can see the results of, gets you out of the house, and it pumps your endocannabinoid system and makes you physically and mentally feel better. Everyone is different is does wonders for me. Lift heavy stone to make sad head voice quiet.

  32. Musk sent out an email telling SpaceX to work over the weekend and that the might company might go bankrupt if things don’t improve.

  33. Telling them "your ideas are bad" is literally fascism! And god forbid that a bunch of people think or say that, because then it's society the woek cancel culture mob!! /s

  34. Me: I don't think black people should be killed in the streets for no reason.

  35. The fact I've never had a campaign without bugs and multiple technologies not working even if you have them.

  36. You're damn right they do! They frequently get sent on lengthy holidays "suspension" with full pay. And you should be happy that they're brutally punished in this way!

  37. Sometimes when they fuck up so badly they’re forced retired with a full pension 20 years early. What a terrible punishment.

  38. for a second, my dyslexic ass was legit questioning if I spelled it right and then I realized what you did there.

  39. Slingshots are very different than coasters and its not like people do Slingshots all the time. The concentrated G-Forces from a Slingshot cause the blood to quickly leave your head and pass out unless you are prepared for it. Someone could never have this issue on a roller coaster but experience it on one of these.

  40. So do what jet pilots do and lock up all your muscles to keep blood in your brain?

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