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  1. sick themes! would it be possible to make a grey and black night theme maybe, similar to the last 4?

  2. been stuck on awakenos but dont have the energy to wipe and start with a new rom. had it updated to android 13 and it boot loooed- had to factory reset -_-

  3. on uk ebay i could buy a brand new one for 190 or buy one opened but not used at 160. ur tryna sell ur used and cat bitten one for retail?? i aint gonna buy it but ur tripping w the price man, maybe rethink if u want it gone

  4. Idk it was just the price it suggested I’ll change it and see if it gets more interest thanks man

  5. where have you been for like the last 3 weeks 💀

  6. artist needs to switch the js to black forces but otherwise a sick mockup

  7. chickenman doesn’t rly see the outrage. Outfit goes hard

  8. We get it, you think you’re hilarious because you feign having “edgy” humor

  9. Wow that phrase is even funnier the millionth time I’ve seen it

  10. why he drop alien sex then go back to making songs like they're on sin city. skis falling off if he doesn't drop the best album of his career by the end of this year and its not looking likely

  11. No this is not fucking into women only have never s***** a p**** in my life.....and not going to start any time soon.

  12. bunhein baby, I know dick loving is embarrassing but there's no point lying about how much you love it when you get me to the point of climax and me finishing all over your luscious beard...

  13. the ink spots are one of my favourites of all time, so I knew a bit about the swapping members but never knew it was to this extreme. lovely write up

  14. 25 from 1000, insane work my guy. what are you gonna do when you hit it?

  15. a collab where hes present in his daughters life

  16. glad to hear hes somewhat in her life then! very good news after the narrative about him being dead beat was never proven wrong

  17. 🔥- but morales Js looking a little strange lmao

  18. It was my first time drawing detailed shoes lmao 😂

  19. ah yeah fair enough, its just coz theres meant to be a top panel of red above the swoosh which isn't there so it look a lil weird

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