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Fight breaks out at Minneapolis airport

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  1. Sure. Because a teenager could never figure out how to get into their parents stuff. You're right though, let's continue to try and ban the tool and not address the problems that lead to someone using them in the first place

  2. When did I say "ban"? At what point did I suggest that?

  3. No they aren't. There is a reason the word weapon exists.

  4. Sounds like you've been doing the right thing by documenting and showing those documents to your manager. I would talk to HR and tell them you feel you are being unfairly targeted. People are likely going to jump on that and say HR protects the company, but the manager isn't the company. Ask the colleague who wrote the guide and the one that also misunderstood it if they will back you up and let HR know that they support your side of events. Show them the documentation and provide an explanation of the various issues from your perspective.

  5. Since were on the topic of crosswalks and pedestrians, if youre on a bike youre suppose to dismount and walk the bike across. Its called a crosswalk for a reason. I had one guy just fly across on a bicycle i had to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting him and then he proceed to give me the finger because i didnt see him coming so fast.

  6. Bikes shouldn't be using crosswalks, because they shouldn't be on the sidewalk to begin with.

  7. The road isn't always safe to ride on. Only a fool would put themselves in harms way to obey that law.

  8. To be fair, having CP doesn't necessarily mean one is incapable of theft. I'm not saying that isn't the case here (we have to take the caregivers word), just pointing out that just because someone has a disability, it doesn't mean they can't do bad things.

  9. Thank you for bringing this point up. To say something to the contrary is just ableism.

  10. Exactly. People with disabilities can be assholes, too. It seems harsh because we are always told to be patient and accommodating with folks with disabilities - which isn't wrong, but we sometimes get to the point of being patronizing, infantalizing, and excusing unacceptable behaviour.

  11. Then, I guess they are right.

  12. You think Harper was an idiot? Or you just don’t agree with his policy and ideology. I know these days it’s all bash bash bash, the other guys are the worst, but did he really come across as stupid or idiotic?

  13. More the ideological and policy differences. I don't think we've had an genuinely stupid PM in living memory. Like, I can't recall hearing of one that ever stared at a solar eclipse or something like that.

  14. No, not really. When it comes to city planning, it is done through consultation with stakeholders and local residents.

  15. Should the city vote if Wellington Crescent is restricted to 1 block for cars vs. being a destination for and corridor for active transportation to Assiniboine Park? Or should that be left to the residents?

  16. It should be up to the residents.

  17. Lmfao. They're actually calling disabled kids "exceptional students.". Y'all are just trying to erase our existence and every opportunity aren't you lol.

  18. Not everyone sees their need for accommodations as a disability.

  19. It's a 3 sided 270 degree would sitting closer to a normal screen have a similar effect?

  20. You have to look around to watch the movie.

  21. You don’t “watch” the side screens, most of the movie is still within the main screen. The side screens are just for peripheral effect to make the movie more immersive. I believe the side screens are the side walls so seating may not matter. How well that works, I don’t know.

  22. Like I said, gimmicky. If it is immersive, your eyes will be drawn to objects in the periphery. You'll be looking back and forth, which is a pain in the neck. Some people will like it, just like 3d, but in the end people won't go for it.

  23. Average on what sense? When the American air force made cockpits by measuring the average of all male pilots it turned out that 30 years later not a single one matched all dimensions.

  24. The issue is that science tells us that the vast majority of people are not average, so designing a diet based on the average man or woman instead of relevant metrics like activity, muscle size, or height is asinine.

  25. Science actually tells us that the vast majority of people are average, with 65% being withing one standard deviation of the mean. Variability is what you want to check. Gender is a reliable metric, however, as you point out, it may not be the most valid.

  26. That is on the airplane... black people have a brawl in the airport (something about the sky mall, IDK). White people get on the plane, get pissed drunk on tiny liquor, and start losing their shit. This is the way.

  27. I mean those memes are pretty sexist usually

  28. But they don't fit in the sub and just fill it with garbage. You don't even have to read them, it's the same shit every time.

  29. Still doesn't fit in a sub that is about everyday occurances of things being gendered for no reason. Boy/girls memes are all the same. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all.

  30. I am curious because I only got here (Manitoba) since the last few years that the NDP were in power. But what exactly have the PCs made better about our healthcare system? It seemed to be working when I arrived, and now it doesn't? What am I missing?

  31. Well it is fair to point out that the NDP had nearly two decades to improve healthcare, yet seemed to still be suffering from the impacts of the previous conservative government. Still, the conservatives this time around have been running with scissors.

  32. At that length it doesn't really matter. As your hair gets longer, the quality of hair products becomes more important. Soap will strip your hair once it starts going past your shoulders.

  33. I wanna say that a guy walking around a parking garage looking in windows is suspicious (he was checking parking tags). On the other hand, if you approach someone like that with just a bit of respect they'll tell you what they are doing. That did not happen here.

  34. So you think the best thing for a person who is terrified to do is to approach and interrogate the suspicious person? MIND YOUR BUSINESS AND CALL WHOEVERS JOB IT IS TO CHECK OUT THE SITUATION.

  35. Where do you get that nonsense? If they are terrified, they should talk to security. If you are going to approach someone (because not everyone assumes the worst), they should do it with respect.

  36. My employer buys whatever office supplies I need to accommodate my adhd. Technically, I'm covered by labour laws and our collective, but management didn't even blink at my requests.

  37. I would be skeptical hearing that. If he schedules you over that are you going to hold him to that? Self care days never heard any employer call PTO that!

  38. I get two paid mental health days a year, outside of sick leave and vacation. I can take them whenever I want, without more than normal sick leave notice.

  39. Sounds like she is projecting and displacing her frustrations with her job onto you. There probably are performance issues on your end, but the pandemic has completely fucked up everything, so everyone should be getting a pass. It sounds like she is under pressure to produce but isn't one of those people who naturally treats people like shit but is being pressured to be one.

  40. Come to Manitoba. We see -40° before windchill.

  41. That's what I was thinking as far as him possibly having a learning disability.

  42. Yeah, there is likely something there. It would be hard to determine without a complete test and psychological assessment.

  43. The test you did was only measuring one dimension of IQ (pattern recognition). IQ tests are useful, particularly for determining if an individual has learning difficulties. For instance, your score of 128 in certain dimensions but then receiving an incongruent score for reading comprehension could be indicative of dyslexia.

  44. Yes. My solution is to value the lives and safety of bystanders over catching a criminal.

  45. Correct, it is not always necessary. Who said it was always necessary?

  46. What I see is an innocent person who was struck by a vehicle involved in a high speed chase. A person who may not have been hit if the chase had not occured.

  47. You can have savings on disability and investment income does not count as ordinary income so does not effect your social security disability.

  48. Exactly, this is impossible for someone with disabilities or chronic illnesses

  49. People who can't fold well enough to fit all the parts back into the bag. Many people.

  50. Like Chong once said... roll it up!

  51. Is there any source for this?

  52. Lol. I just mentioned reading this in another reply. Thanks though

  53. Why is reddit getting memes from Facebook.

  54. I love this. Only issue is it’s my personal phone

  55. Can you set up automatic replies? Just send back the message "big shit; can't talk"

  56. No. Everything was advancing all the time. I didn't think it would advance as fast as it has, but I also didn't think we'd still be turning it off and on again, nor did I think we'd have the beep-boop noises like in movies.

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