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  1. I think if anyone in a relationship has different values it won’t work. So his lack of being able to compromise is one thing, but you would be better off finding someone with similar values so they don’t clash and you don’t have to deal with him ignoring you and your needs, all red pill aside

  2. Dicey topic. I'll allow it for now. I will ban islamophobia. That includes comments like "at least we don't behead our daughters" (Idk why someone thought that's an okay comment). I'll also ban people who think criticising misogyny is the same as attacking their religion. Be nice, tread with care, commenters have feelings.

  3. I was gonna say…… something about this post treads the line. I wasn’t into it.

  4. It’s really just the lying I can’t do. Kim releasing a sex tape for clout doesn’t bother me at all lol

  5. I believe he is a gem and she’s lucky in ways but this women is a nobody in his eyes she’s not a celeb or course she can’t stop thinking of him……Kim k is out of his league of course she curved him lol

  6. I’ve had a few readings with her now to reflect and know that she is great at what she does. She seems to answer the question before you even ask like she can read your mind and what you’re trying to ask. She has also very accurately described people I’ve asked about. Some details I have no evidence to prove so I have to wait for it to play out but she does seem to grab details very well on people I’ve asked about that I already knew. I would recommend booking with her. She’s also very dedicated to clarifying her answers so you don’t leave the reading confused. Like any reading do cross reference it with your own intuition.

  7. Red pill doesn’t apply to trans people. Infact you’re almost lucky to be trans in a way cause this shit absolutely does not apply to you or gays really at all

  8. Like if you're peaking at 50 wtf were you doing during the other 49 years? It took a Queen's lifetime to find stability in your life?

  9. Also the recommended age for a prostate. Like these guys really their sperm is potent past 50? Lol

  10. lol their jizz probably comes out with a life alert button. their sperm has to use a stair lift just to get from their balls to their dick.

  11. Lol keep going if you want

  12. That is crazy!! Any supporting evidence to the theory? Or at the least why does it seem to add up? Like why do ppl think that?

  13. He’s a down to earth guy and I like his sense of humor. He’s clouted and if he got me in the press I would feel I could get something out of it lol. But ultimately the guy is not well and not really all that attractive

  14. I agreed with column two and the first column I can see how it would be hard for men as well as women tbh….. but the last one I cannot with!


  16. When did he interview her Omg?

  17. Silencing Andrew Tate ain’t gonna do much. Give it 1-2 years and a even worse mysoginist is gonna come along. Jordan Peterson seems like a saint compared to Tate and he was shut down…then Tate…banning is like taking pain killers for a open wound

  18. Why did they ban Peterson?

  19. He isn’t visibly black which makes a huge difference in many ppls eyes

  20. Why are you in this situation? You have to ask yourself this and be brutally honest. Once you know the why, youll be able to change it.

  21. Her waist to hip ratio is horrible and looks very much fake and her hips are awfully wide for her legs. Nothing about this looks good

  22. You think that fake? I think she would be more snatched if it was fake so I think this is more natural, her body in this pic

  23. The BBL body is very obvious. She would look snatched dressed, but in a bikini it's very obvious the way the skin was stretched. Surgery can only do so much, but without the editing and skin smoothing they don't look as "snatched" as you might think...none of them.

  24. Yes I know they over edit. But why is her body stretched? Her skin sorry? From the weight?

  25. I don’t think so, because on the 17th I think he has a show in Cleveland :(

  26. Was this for last year? He has a new tour concert here in October ??

  27. Are you in a relationship with either of the men you like though?

  28. No. One of them Isn’t in my country right Now and the other one got fed up with my indecision and is ignoring me in the meantime 😂

  29. Well there is more context than just that but anyhow

  30. Prob smiling cause he cheated on Kylie

  31. Someone literally posted the same post a few days ago with the same ages and the same gender. Only difference was it was the women who made the post saying she gave the man flowers. I’m sensing a “shit post”

  32. Trust me it’s a shit post. I’m a female anyways

  33. What year is this interview from?

  34. He’s right though. Your Brain is still developing by age 25. Dating an older person will have a different influence on the person then it will if that person is over 25 and has become who they are and dated them then

  35. I dont know if you're aware of this but "developing" to certain age is not always true there are as people say man children in their 30s 40s. And so are 40 50yo women who still think they're Disney princesses being with someone older than you in a healthy relationship will make you wiser and show/prevent you from doing useless mistakes due to experience, and no you don't need to experience something yourself to understand that is bad when there is someone next to you to build you up in a way that's helpful for your actual growth.

  36. If you’re looking for a father figure in your relationship then sure.

  37. Funny how these red pill people never treat single dads like this even though plenty of men are single dads because they willfully stuck their dicks in live-wire crazy which makes them just as bad as those single moms with absent Chad babydaddy.

  38. Me neither. This is the point too: some single moms are single moms simply because the dad wants nothing to do with co parenting

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