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This Hearing Was a Disgrace. We Need Calls to Action

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  1. Fellow engineer here. I studied aerospace engineering with an emphasis on fluid dynamics, so this is a book I've wanted to own for a long time. When I had the chance to get this at an affordable price, I took the opportunity despite the noticeable water and insect damage. I figured this sub would appreciate this cool piece of history.

  2. Thanks! Oh cool, there's some calculus in there!

  3. Based on the V-22 safety record I would not go on holiday in this.

  4. I actually rarely see fat young people. Okay maybe 20% of them. But middle aged people, 80% are fat. For the elderly it drops back to near zero for obvious reasons.

  5. The awful truth about exercise for weight loss, is that exercise promotes muscle growth. So when people exercise, they lose a bit of fat, they gain a bit of muscle, they get healthier, but their weight doesn't change much, so they give up.

  6. This is a very common and wrong misconception. Exercise raises your TDEE, that is how it promotes long term weight loss. That's why it's so hard for muscular people to maintain their weight.

  7. Since I started lifting I don't bother weighing myself anymore, I just take body measurements.

  8. APEC has hosted actual academics, like Dr Kevin Knuth and Dr Matthew Szydagis of the University of Albany, Dr Mike McCulloch of Plymouth University (UK), Dr Fabrizio Pinto of Izmir University (Turkey) as well as numerous others with PhDs in relevant domains, including Dr David Chester (UCLA) and Dr Jack Sarfatti (UC Riverside). Many if not most of the presentations are rooted in real, known physics and are speculating only in the areas which are not (yet) mainstream.

  9. Martin Tajmar and Harold G. White were academics who promoted nonsense in the form of the EM Drive. Just because you have a PhD doesn't mean everything you do is correct.

  10. What? You're making a ton of assumptions and speaking for people you definitely cannot be speaking for.

  11. To be honest I too am tired of warp woo. When you tell people that it can't work because it violates known physics their response is always "maybe physics is wrong". How do you argue against that? It's just ignorance. It is also a pointless hill for the UFO community to die on because there are many conventional ways to traverse the galaxy.

  12. ViaCAD 2D or TurboCAD Designer. Both are in the Mac App Store for £64.99 one time purchase I think.

  13. Lazy is probably a strong word. There are more efficient, larger span wings that provide a better solution. In this case, they likely have a good reason for doing it (cost, limits on span to fit in certain hangers or classifications). There’s a reason why larger planes don’t do this. This is simple, well understood way to raise wing efficiency. However it is characteristic of older planes from a time that had far less sophisticated design methods.

  14. How much do wing fences reduce induced drag by?

  15. Oof that's gonna be hard to remember that's it's 2022

  16. I had almost forgotten until I saw a faded social distancing sign in the park.

  17. Why did all electric cars look goofy until recently? I am convinced that is the main reason why nobody drove them and not battery range.

  18. Was this the CRT monitor with the transparent back? Nice setup. Appears to be an issue with your screen resolution though.

  19. 80 year old couple....were probably in their mid 40s when they bought this.

  20. Not gonna lie after £1,200 for this iMac and I am determined to make it last until I'm 80 years old.

  21. The sad thing is that he will probably die believing that he is right because I doubt any compelling evidence is going to show up in the next 50 years if ever.

  22. Does the church look good 500 years after putting Galileo under house arrest for suggesting what was considered heresy?

  23. My point is that the people who arrested Galileo 500 years ago died with a smug sense of superiority and so will NDT. I mean even Philip Klass died smug

  24. What's the big deal? Their sub sensor capabilities are classified, that is to be expected.

  25. See, that's the thing. They'll sell, which will increase the supply of houses and lower the price. Not so great for the housing market but very good for allowing people to have their own homes instead of having to feed these parasites

  26. Selling off council housing at a discount didn't lower house prices. In fact it made it worse because there are now less to rent. That's the flaw in your logic. People who previously rented are now forced to buy because you just cratered the rental market. Therefore there will actually be more demand for properties and the price may even go up as a result.

  27. Forgive me if I'm wrong but inflation is caused by high demand for whatever reason (increased money supply, goods shortages) which means that it's actually easier to sell essential goods in this current climate.

  28. Rename that one right now as "FlyBy 2" so it doesn't get confused later

  29. It's flyby nothing. There is only one flyby.

  30. I lost my shit for a second when I read "FLYBY" in the video name and saw the blue sky and cockpit window. Disappointment ensued.

  31. Imagine if they had verified that video.

  32. One post 2 days ago said that they were hoping they were going to walk out with a Grey and introduce him.

  33. Well, I'm here to laugh at you gullible folks. Watching the gullibles falling for the the same trap over and over again is surprisingly entertaining.

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