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  1. K-once are not happy with fanmeet venue size. according to them japan and international once is getting better treatment .

  2. Please. J-Onces barely get content. Let them have this. And it makes sense for Twice to focus internationally now.

  3. Previous Once Halloweens ticketing went like this:

  4. JYPe really needs to make the membership easier. One think I like about HYBE is joining membership can be done anytime and in the weverse shop.

  5. That Thai carat and her video call with Seungkwan again! 🤣

  6. GOT7. I got back ito kpop after a long hiatus cause a friend invited me to a concert for them. they were obviously successful but never really as much as I thought they should have been. they had 2 of the strongest and most distinct vocals among boy groups in jb and youngjae, yugyeom is one of the highest level dancers, and Jackson wang has become immensely popular and successful with his solo career. for whatever they were, they should have been bigger but there was a tremendous lack of respect and promotion from jyp for whatever reasons

  7. Iirc, it was said JYPe made a mistake in their contracts where they were getting more share from international activities thus they were (mis)treated differently.

  8. I am very curious how Case 143 will sound since it is their first love song title track. And it seems the concepts this comeback are softer?

  9. I will not be fooled this time. I will pass pledis.

  10. kinda glad they’re going for outdoor shoots this time. Is this the GO version?

  11. Hi Adora! You’ve written a lot of songs for other artists. Out of all those songs, which one did you want to keep for yourself?

  12. If I were to choose a song to keep for myself, it'd have to be 2 songs…

  13. Didn’t the Billboard article say that they repriced the digipack to 14.99 within the week?

  14. that’s the digital. OP was referring to the member versions I think.

  15. not very appealing tbh. last year’s PB was so much better than this.

  16. The bag packaging for NJ was unique although I think I remember seeing complaints about how the product turned out.

  17. using punctuation mark again. Lol. I wonder what are the other concepts?

  18. There’s just less interest in new BGs now. Let’s see when a big 4 company debuts a new BG.

  19. I want to know which idols also collects idol merchadise like photocards. Lol.

  20. You know, I’m wondering what could’ve have been if Jiwon made the line up.

  21. Yes to this. I'm probably one of the few who paid more attention to Seventeen because of this track. The sound I heard in the second MV teaser got me hooked instantly.

  22. jype felt something wrong about not having blonde hyunjin in the album so they took this picture 4 months before the release before he went brunette

  23. Pink Venom, Next Level, Permission to Dance, God’s Menu

  24. I was digging the chorus then they did the change up again and I was like O.O

  25. 2011?! 11 year olds should be at school and being a kid not auditioning 🥴

  26. Praying for a surprise new music announcement after the concert today.

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