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  1. I have never seen a retainer that looks like a full set of clip on teeth? They're usually clear plastic or metal, aren't they?

  2. Good for them. I remember when I finally became debt free, it's so liberating.

  3. Definitely the same model. She had a baby and she wasn't a surrogate or anything, she kept it. Why she's keeping it a secret, who really knows. I have a few theories though.

  4. This scene was just more funny to me than anything the first time I saw it

  5. When I first saw this movie in theaters everyone laughed at this scene. I hadn't read any of the books yet and I had only just watched Twilight for the first time days before so I laughed too. I thought it was meant to be silly lol.

  6. I'd say Gary. I mean I guess no one really calls him a deadbeat but I think he gets a lot of crap, maybe rightfully so, I'll admit I haven't followed his drama as much as other TM stars. But I give him credit for taking good care of Leah with Amber being pretty much MIA most of her life. And I know it seems like that's what all father's should do, but it's sad how many of the TM dads are just crappy dad's. Ryan, Adam, Nathan, Andrew, Jeremy, and I think Bris BDs are pretty big dead beats. I know it seems like the least a dad could do is be there for his own kids, but I couldn't imagine any of the men I just listed off stepping up for their own kids like Gary did for Leah.

  7. Gary didn’t step up until he was with Kristina though. He let people believe she was under his care when she was actually living with his mother so she could take care of her while he partied. This was pretty much the entire time she was in jail. Now Kristina parents Leah.

  8. Amber, Maci, Leah and Chelsea all had horrific orange tans for a season or two.

  9. Definitely drug induced but who knows which drug. She probably takes several antipsychotic and mood stabilizing meds that could cause this.

  10. I'm not 100% sure if they do, but it wouldn't surprise me, I hear they're pretty strong medications.

  11. It's part of her cycle in relationships, likely stemming from her lack of a father and why she's an easy target for psychos like David. It was only a matter of time before someone as terrifying as David locked her down and while we all hope she leaves him someday, most likely it just means someone worse will take his place. She always tends to downgrade.

  12. I love falling asleep to the Twilight movies. My husband doesn't see it the same way, he kinda wonders why I watch them so much and read the books so much but it's absolutely a comfort thing for me and he understands that. He is actually pretty good about watching them with me, it's sweet. I've read it's very normal for people to rewatch movies, shows or re-read books for comfort and nostalgia purposes.

  13. I'm reading Twilight again right now and I completely agree with this! It's very awkward and leaves me feeling secondhand embarrassment. Especially when you read Midnight Sun and Carlisle mentions that Bella must have hit her head a lot when he's looking at her brain scan. Girl definitely needs to see a neurologist or something lol.

  14. I like to read a book, crochet, play a game, watch TV, anything to distract me because otherwise I spiral into anxiety and think worst case scenario possibilities.

  15. Did you develop epilepsy from a head injury, or is it idiopathic for you? why have you chosen against AEDs, and what have you done instead?

  16. No head injury, no family history. Just woke up one day with bad luck I guess. I chose against them all these years because they were sooooo mild for so long, I worried the aide effects of the AEDs would be worse than the seizures themselves. I mean, they were a couple of seconds once or twice a month and that was it. Plus I figured out I could control them with keto, CBD or progesterone treatments. So I would go months and months without seizures using any one of those options. Then they actually went away for a few years. I didn't have to do anything, they just vanished. It was amazing... But then in Aug last year they came back. Worst than ever. I get them in clusters now for a day or two during my period, it's been awful and none of the things I used to do are working to control them now. I don't know what I did wrong to make them come back... In December we did discover that Ativan stops them, so that's been nice... But I'm definitely at a point where I feel like it's time to consider meds. I just don't want them to get worse than they already are.

  17. Ah, got it. Yeah in that case it definitely must be more difficult when it’s idiopathic. That’s crazy you were able to control them so well, that’s so lucky- how did you even find out? And there’s no theory why it suddenly started up again?

  18. I found out when I went to the ER for my first seizures because I didn't know what was happening. My first seizures clustered, so I got them every half an hour all day and when that happens they start insignificant almost not even noticable but build in intensity throughout the day, right? So all day I just thought I was having a weird day filled with deja Vu, I even asked my husband and some friends we had over if anyone has ever had days with tons of deja Vu. They all laughed and said no but that it sounded cool. I was like yeah, I guess it is. It really wasn't uncomfortable at that point and I had no idea what it was. Then around 10 I was getting ready for bed and I had a focal so intense I just knew something wasn't right. I had my husband take me to the ER bc I thought maybe I was having a stroke. They didn't diagnose me there but they told me it sounded like epileptic seizures, gave me some Ativan that stopped them (after giving me Benadryl first that made it WAY WORSE first but that's a whole other fun story) and sent me home with a neurologist referral. I was completely shocked. No theories really on what caused them to come back. I really didn't have any major lifestyle changes, I wasn't stressed, I had actually just gotten back from a vacation a couple weeks prior. But my docs and I are trying to figure it out, hopefully we get some answers soon.

  19. Nooooo I don't have Tik Tok but this sounds so interesting! I hope there are some heros in this sub group who can get some good clips to share on here 😉

  20. Woah I totally relate to this! I have focals, I've never had a grand mal and I've woken up a few times in my life thinking I felt an earthquake but nothing was happening. I think it's just something that happens sometimes, I don't think it's necessarily an epilepsy thing... I hope! I think our bodies just do funky things sometimes when we're coming out of sleep.

  21. I don't have any experience with AED's myself, I don't use them but I wouldn't recommend stopping the meds without a doctors knowledge, that might cause some issues for you. If I were in this position I would start meeting with a new epileptologist and discuss your concerns and plan out weaning or quitting the medication with them and see if they can help you. Or maybe they can see if there is something else going on that is causing you to have such an increase with your seizure activity. I'm very sorry you're not being heard, I can definitely relate to that feeling, I'm in between specialists myself right now bc my last neuro wouldn't listen to me. It's very frustrating. I hope you can get this figured out and get some answers and the attention you deserve from your doctors.

  22. It can definitely cause you to eat less and thereby causing weight loss. If you've made some dietary changes though, it's very possible it's linked to that as well. But that also depends on what sort of dietary changes you've made. I mean, to put it in perspective, I lost 10 pounds in 1 week from eating literally nothing but fruits and veggies. Dietary changes can cause dramatic and rapid changes in weight.

  23. Anxiety can definitely cause numbness, I've gotten it in my legs and fingers from time to time when I'm really stressed or anxious. Are your hands also cold? My mom has a condition that causes poor circulation and it makes her hands literally ice cold half the time. If your hands are going cold, you have neck, jaw or left arm pain I would go to the ER. Or honestly, if you're really concerned go in. No harm in going in and getting checked out.

  24. Awh. He's such a sweet kid, I can't believe how old he's getting!

  25. Debz OG is an artist. You'll love the piece she recently wrote about using a plunger to stuff a dead rat down her toilet to send it back into the sewers. It was beautiful.

  26. I ran into Barbara when she was still working at a Walmart in NC. She was really nice, especially since I totally fangirled lol. She was also really short!

  27. Oohhhh I think Babs would be my favorite cast member to run into!

  28. Sooo many bad decisions were made here by Jenelle and she had soo many opportunites to NOT make them.

  29. I haven't tried it personally but my sister in-law has been doing it for about a year or so. She absolutely loves it. She does have anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD and depression and she says it's helped with all of them, she hasn't mentioned having a panic attack. All she's said is that it is calming and soothing and has been a massive help for her.

  30. Hey there! I have a long reply for you, sorry if it's a bit much! I have focals, I've had them for 6.5 years now so hopefully I can help and provide some insight for ya. I've never had TC's YET, keeping my fingers crossed I don't but my neuro has warned me that at any time I could and to be cautious with what I do because some things might cause the focals to generalize, kind of like with what you've described. It sounds like the Welbutrin definitely made the seizures worsen and generalize. I'm sorry your doctors failed you but I'm glad you made the connection and got off of it yourself and you're doing better. I'm also undiagnosed. I've heard focals can sometimes be harder to diagnose because they don't always show up on an EEG but it's definitely not impossible so my first advice is try to get into a specialist. Either a neurologist or an epileptologist. A neurologist can likely get you in sooner and some are great with epilepsy, but some really aren't. Neurology is a broad spectrum so sometimes you come across neuros who just don't deal with a lot of epilepsy cases. If you get a neuro who isn't helpful, find another or look into an epileptologits. I was seeing a neuro for the past 5 years, I liked her for a while but I wish I'd looked for someone else 2 years ago when we started disagreeing a lot about my needs and my condition. So thats my advice with neuros, find one and don't be afraid to cycle through neuros until you find one that is helpful, some are just better than others.

  31. Can you not ask for something like Clobazam to take for those 48 hours of focals? That’s really intense and I don’t think it’s right that your neurologist is leaving you in that situation.

  32. It's not right at all. I asked her in December if she'd write me a script for just a few so I could see if it helps over the course of a few months and she said she is 'morally opposed' to writing prescriptions for benzos or for opiates because she feels they're too dangerous when it comes to addiction possibilities. So I terminated her services because I find that I'm morally opposed to doctors who refuse to treat their patients for their own sick sense of satisfaction. I could handle myself just fine with 6 pills over a 3 month period.

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